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So. Finally I finished the smut. Intented for Jun-kun's birthday, and even late for Aiba-kun's birthday. You're so failed.

You can find the previous story here.

So enjoy 3900+ words of smut *kisses
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Hello~ Again, I was distracted.
I am in the mood for some fluff, so here we go. A side story to "Library".

Disclaimer: nay nay nay!
Rating: PG-13

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Yass, it's all about fluffy~
Love you~
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I'm sorry, I should have finished my previous fic smut, but well.

Pairing: Sasunaru
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: I wish I own them.
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I'm so pervy lately. Thank you for reading.
Love you~
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Happy 33rd Birthday to Matsumoto Jun! 💜💜💜

I meant to write a short fic to celebrate his birthday. But, I ended up writing pages of fic and not finishing it on time.
This is not done yet. I have smut coming up~ *wink

Rating: PG-13 (soon to be NC-17)


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Yay! The smut is still on production. It's OOC, of course. So bear with me.

Love you, All!
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I'm back with another fic.
This one is too ooc to be Arashi fic, so I make one of my favorite pairing acted on it XD

Disclaimer: sincerely not mine XD
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There you go~
Please pardon my perverted mind and awful grammar.

Thank you for reading. Love you, guys <3
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Whoaah, it's been ages since I've write.
so this is the third part.

Title       : Illusion
Pairing  : Sakurai Sho x Aiba Masaki
Rate       : PG-13
Genre   : Romance, Angst
Disc      : nothing
Summary: Sooner or later, I'll have to finish this

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Summary : I'll regret it forever if I hurt him.


Happy Valentine's Day Eve! It's not Sakuraiba ne? xDD
I don't understand how it turns out to be Junba. Demo, yappari Jun-kun wa yasashi, ne?
I would love Jun-kun as my date for V-day (gomen ochan, shochan) xDD
Comment would be loved >.<
Please look forward for the next chapter~

Yes, that's all for today~ Please be kind on me~ Sankyuuu~

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Title       : Illusion

Pairing  : Sakurai Sho x Aiba Masaki

Rate       : PG-13

Genre   : Romance, Angst

Summary: I don’t know, I fall. Deep. I can't see the bottom.


And so, I'm writing a multichapter I guess.  I'm not really in the mood to write any NC, since somehow I feel a bit nausea every time I heard the word "sex". I don't know when will I be updating the fic. soon, I hope. it's kinda gloomy here, so it's gonna affect my fic. haha, please be kind on me..
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Finally done! My first Sakuraiba fic. Please be kind on me. Yoroshiku :))

Title: You Idiot!

Pairing: Sakurai Sho x Aiba Masaki

Rate: NC-17

Genre: Romance, Angst

Disclaimer: Not mine~

Summary: My heart feels like it’s going to explode if I didn’t run. I don’t want him to know. It’s not like he’s going to know. He maybe doesn’t even know that I’m existed.

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Title                     : I Love You Too, Silly

Pairing                 : Sakurai Sho x Ohno Satoshi

Rated                   : NC-17

Disclaimer            : If only I could have them.

Summary             : When Ohno Satoshi being unsettled about what his feeling is for his band mate. Who knows what come          rushing down his door when he is relaxing on his bathtub.

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