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Do I need a welcome post? Let's say I do.
So, I am an Arashi fan since 6 years ago (damn, time flies).

I just moved to Dreamwidth and probably will move my posts from LJ to here and delete my LJ account after I finished moving.

Security issue is terrifying.
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So. Finally I finished the smut. Intented for Jun-kun's birthday, and even late for Aiba-kun's birthday. You're so failed.

You can find the previous story here.

So enjoy 3900+ words of smut *kisses
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Hello~ Again, I was distracted.
I am in the mood for some fluff, so here we go. A side story to "Library".

Disclaimer: nay nay nay!
Rating: PG-13

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Yass, it's all about fluffy~
Love you~
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I'm sorry, I should have finished my previous fic smut, but well.

Pairing: Sasunaru
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: I wish I own them.
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I'm so pervy lately. Thank you for reading.
Love you~
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Happy 33rd Birthday to Matsumoto Jun! πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ

I meant to write a short fic to celebrate his birthday. But, I ended up writing pages of fic and not finishing it on time.
This is not done yet. I have smut coming up~ *wink

Rating: PG-13 (soon to be NC-17)


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Yay! The smut is still on production. It's OOC, of course. So bear with me.

Love you, All!
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I'm back with another fic.
This one is too ooc to be Arashi fic, so I make one of my favorite pairing acted on it XD

Disclaimer: sincerely not mine XD
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There you go~
Please pardon my perverted mind and awful grammar.

Thank you for reading. Love you, guys <3
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Whoaah, it's been ages since I've write.
so this is the third part.

Title       : Illusion
Pairing  : Sakurai Sho x Aiba Masaki
Rate       : PG-13
Genre   : Romance, Angst
Disc      : nothing
Summary: Sooner or later, I'll have to finish this

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Oh my God! It's this time this year again! I haven't post anything since God know how long XDD
and so, γŠθͺ•η”Ÿζ—₯γŠγ‚γ§γ¨γ†ζΎ!!! you know, I wish he gets marry soon~ XDD We love you so much, Jun-kun!
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Well, hello. It's been a while since I posted anything.
Being a senior student didn't help either (too many assignments and exams) and I'm going for field study in July for a month.
Busy, huh? I don't have inspiration for writing fic too (sorry)
So, last night I got a copy of Fifty Shades of Grey. I just read 68 pages of it, and Christian Grey already filled my mind with improper thoughts.
I mean, how can a book's character affects you so much in real life? and I just read 68 pages of 244 pages left, imagine what would I become in 244 pages.
You know, Christian Grey is a control freak and an absolute dominant (pardon me if I'm wrong). So every time I hear something demanding, it reminds me of him and my body is all tingling like hell. How did a book character do that? Am I a submissive? (but I hate being controlled) Still, Christian Grey makes me like this.
can't wait to read the rest of the story (I still have exams tomorrow, so I have to restrain myself from keeping my eyes on the book).
hahaha, sorry for the random things I've spilled XDD
Have a nice day~
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Summary : I'll regret it forever if I hurt him.


Happy Valentine's Day Eve! It's not Sakuraiba ne? xDD
I don't understand how it turns out to be Junba. Demo, yappari Jun-kun wa yasashi, ne?
I would love Jun-kun as my date for V-day (gomen ochan, shochan) xDD
Comment would be loved >.<
Please look forward for the next chapter~

Yes, that's all for today~ Please be kind on me~ Sankyuuu~

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Title       : Illusion

Pairing  : Sakurai Sho x Aiba Masaki

Rate       : PG-13

Genre   : Romance, Angst

Summary: I don’t know, I fall. Deep. I can't see the bottom.


And so, I'm writing a multichapter I guess.  I'm not really in the mood to write any NC, since somehow I feel a bit nausea every time I heard the word "sex". I don't know when will I be updating the fic. soon, I hope. it's kinda gloomy here, so it's gonna affect my fic. haha, please be kind on me..
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Who's agree that this Oji-san is not 32? xDD
I'm wishing you a very very happy birthday to you, my dear Ohno Satoshi-kun~~
May God bless all your way forward~
I hope you will stay the same~ Becoming Arashi Riida~
Being there is enough to make us love you more~ <3 :*


Nov. 1st, 2012 12:23 am
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I cringed as I feel my chest tightened..

I close my eyes..

But that was one of my stupidities..

Your face flooding my vision in a second and the pain got worse..

I can feel the painful beating of my heart under my palm..

I want to see you..

I want to see the quirk of your eyebrow..

I want to see your gleeful eyes..

I want to see the sharp line of your nose..

I want to see that smile in your plump lips..

I want to see you..

I miss you..

I miss the way you smile at me..

I miss the way you look at me with those seriousness..

I miss your eyes that always successfully makes my heart race..

I miss the way you touch me so affectionately..

I miss you..

I really do..

If only you knew..

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I sat on the bench with my headphone on and music blaring in my ears.

Then he came, smiling so gloriously as he approach me.

I feel the butterflies in my stomach flying around almost bursting like a firework.

He strokes my hair. Damn him for treating me like a kid. But, damn my heart for skipping a beat when he does it.

He caress my cheek lovingly, I almost blushed.

I don’t expect my heart to beat this fast when there’s just the two of us.

He opens my headphone and his voice just like a calming breeze after the hardcore music.

His voice..

His stare..


I want to touch him too, as affectionate as he touch me.

I want to hold his hands..

I want to hug his body..

I want to kiss those plum lips..

And damn me for wanting him to do that to me too..

Damn me for feeling this much from a simple touch..

And now he is gone. He is gone, taking my heart with him..

Will he go back giving his heart to me?

Will he just break it?

Will I keep this feeling?

Will I keep hurting myself and fall in love with him?

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Okay, I guess everybody has already knew about this. but yeah I'm gonna bring this matter up again xDD
I know how much Sho-kun love Aibacchi, but still, seeing him saying this just making my heart flutter as well~

Sho-kun confession:

"Your sleeping face just now was so cute."


And Aiba-chan's reaction is just too cute >/////< No wonder Sho-kun loves him!


My goodness >.< Aiba-saaaan, why sooo cuuuute? >/////<

Really, every time I see them both reacting to each other, I just can't help but think, "Aww, this couple is cute," 

And another scene that I love after Sakuraiba rabuu is my beloved ichiban said he loves Sho eyes better than MatsuJun xDD *sorry Juntoshi shipper*


Awwwww, Ohno-kun choose Sho-kun rather than MatsuJun ne? xDD
Seriously this Janken Poi Poi clips is soooo amusing xDD
I can't help but laugh and feel flattered when I watched them confessing to each other.. 
We need more of their love, don't we? xDD

Anyway, the subbed clips is available on transitions101@lj. you can join the community and obey their rules. we're having fun, and they're also happy :))
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Finally done! My first Sakuraiba fic. Please be kind on me. Yoroshiku :))

Title: You Idiot!

Pairing: Sakurai Sho x Aiba Masaki

Rate: NC-17

Genre: Romance, Angst

Disclaimer: Not mine~

Summary: My heart feels like it’s going to explode if I didn’t run. I don’t want him to know. It’s not like he’s going to know. He maybe doesn’t even know that I’m existed.

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Oh, well, I'm a bit busy these days. This month is Arashi's month and also the beginning of my hectic semester. And I almost missed many information about those five hot guys. >.<
About the anniversary, well, happy anniversary, guys, big hug for you, please stay together as five as Ohno-san said in his letter on Jikan Terebi :)) We'll be greatly happy if you do.
And as all of you do know about yesterday and today ARAFES, damn, I'm just envious at those whose celebrating the festival with them. I'm hoping so much for DVD, a full DVD of yesterday and today ARAFES! >.<
But then, yesterday they made the announcement about their new album, you know, Pop Corn, such a cute album title xDD I can't wait till it released. It's near my birthday too. Such a glorious birthday gift! (Heard that the album sold out too since this morning pre-order started)
And on November they will start their tour, their Popcorn tour on Osaka. What a great month, actually.
Hahaha, if only college didn't take so much of my life :|
I'm thinking about my Sakuraiba fic, can't get it done yet, but well, I'm trying xDD

Once again, happy 13th Anniversary Arashi-san!

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おθͺ•η”Ÿζ—₯γŠγ‚γ§γ¨γ† 松本 ζ½€
Please stay healthy, may God bless you and stay together as Arashi :))
Without you, Arashi won't be Arashi, and I would never know a single thing about Arashi.
Stay as the DoS you are, stay stoic, take care of your band mate xDD
We always love you, always will~

credit pic [livejournal.com profile] saobang2211
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I guess everybody knew about this already, not a long time ago, we were attacked by their unfairly handsome photo shoot on Hanako.
And yet before we even have recovered by the sudden attack, they're attacking again with Myojo photo shoot. Seriously, why are they getting more handsome each time we see them on the magazine? I'm not going to attach any superb photos, because the scans are everywhere now :D go on and take it (just remember to get the owner's permission first)
Well, this is a little part of the magz. From two pages of it, and I'm still wondering why.

Ohno Satoshi, he's getting more handsome lately, isn't he? Our old man :D

Aiba Masaki, with his glorious smile. He will struck your heart wwith his warming smile >.<

Matsumoto Jun, his stoic face, seriously talking, so handsome >.<

Ninomiya Kazunari, I love his pose, the way he want to smile >.<


Everyone in a cool pose, but Sho-kun? I just don't understand. He is just awesome. Being the only one with weird picture here. xDD /dodging the katana flied to me/
I got the scans from [livejournal.com profile] saobang2211 thank you :)) 
Pictures credit goes to the uploader of course.
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