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Aug. 9th, 2012 11:57 am
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What the hell is up with this Hanako Magazine? Why the hell they have to be so freaking handsome?!
Here, Sho-kun and Matsujun look epic! SO IKEMEN!
Well, do I need to post the pic? it's on my header already!! uwaaaaaahhh!

Got the pic from tumblr (it's crazy over there)
Who would not, right? xDD
Well, sorry for blabbering~ it's just they're too handsome~ /dies

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Hi, I made 2 wallpapers, size 1280x1024, from MENS NON NO July 2012 edition.
Ohno-kun looks so handsome in this photo shoot. Magazine scan credits to [livejournal.com profile] saobang2211thank you :))
comment will be appreciated~

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Title                     : I Love You Too, Silly

Pairing                 : Sakurai Sho x Ohno Satoshi

Rated                   : NC-17

Disclaimer            : If only I could have them.

Summary             : When Ohno Satoshi being unsettled about what his feeling is for his band mate. Who knows what come          rushing down his door when he is relaxing on his bathtub.

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wow, it's this time again this year. Time flies, ne? :D
uwaaaaahh, it's been a long time since I last wrote something here.
Gomenasai~ m(_ _)m
Well, today is Ninomiya-sama birthday >.<
Happy Birthday, I'm happy that you're going to high school this year *eh* I mean you're going to be 29~ xDD
He doesn't look like a 29 years man >.< For us you're always be 17! nope, in the next drama, he's going to be 15 :3
He is younger than me! Otouto-san *Nino hit my head* ouch! okay, I mean Nii-chan~ xDD
I wish you happy life! Keep handsome, talented and bratty as always xDD
Without you, Arashi will be nothing~ We Love You Ninomiya-sama~ :*
Love from me, Ohno-kun and Sakurai-kun~

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Hi! I'm finally posting again. And please don't think that I just listen or watch their PV now, because I already did watching it a week after it released~ (is it something to be proud about? =.=)
yes, yes, Ohno-sama~ I know you're excited~ me too~
and I just can't resist to make one more~ xDD

because he is just too cute >.<
IT WAS AWESOOOME! They all look gorgeous, so handsome, so freaaaking adorable >.<
first is my beloved Satoshi-sama~ (It's not too much already, right? forgive my biased)

aaaanddd the Hamster!

you look handsome already, Sakurai-san >.<

and who can resist Matsujun with his epic handsomeness? >.<

"No, It's for J drama," oh, okay~ anyway, Aiba-san, where are you?

looks like they are having their sweet time~
I love the opening~

Classical~ :D
and the wall~

Matsujun, as stylish as eveer~


"Riida, the wall is moving! I'm traped!"

"Eh? I'll try too pull it back!"

"AAAA! Riida! Save me!"

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And finally it's 3rd March 2012. The day that I've been waiting for since Sakurai-sama's birthday T.T

It should be one of my best days, but on the contrary, I'm crying out loud without even have a peek at their PV or listening to Wild At Heart.
They released their song and PV, and I CAN'T WATCH OR LISTEN to it!
Oh, my lappy, get well soon, I'm dying without my beloved boyfriends.
I can't live without their smiles to light up my day. Really, I miss them so much! And my phone isn't that "smart" so I can't watch it via streaming. Kuuu~ T.T

But, still CONGRATULATION TO ARASHI for their single and PV Wild At Heart!
I hope they would be doing their best in the future, for themselves and us, fans. And I, as well as other Arashi fangirls all over the world will always support them.

I Love You, dear, Arashi-chan :*

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Since this morning, I have been very happy because my beloved crush said something so sweet. Even though I got a sudden quiz at class, it didn't really make me down. On the contrary, I'm becoming much happier because I got to see his jealousy after our class (it's because he rarely says something sweet or shows any emotion that concerning me).

The problem is when finally I got home.

I can't turn my laptop on! T____T
It's DEAD! And all my Arashi files, pics, and videos are in there!
Their dramas!
I'm so upset about this. Although my uncle said that he will try to fix it without re-installing the OS.
I have been thinking about making back up for all the files I have on my laptop HD, but I just haven't got the chance to make it! And now all my precious data threatened to be lost! T____T
My ARASHIIIII! Ohno-sama, Sakurai-sama, Aiba-sama, Ninomiya-sama, Matsumoto-sama, please forgive meee~ T____T
I'll really miss you in the mean time when my laptop is being fixed. :((
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And here we proudly present Wild At Heart PV!!!"

Says Yama Proudly!
Let's not talking about the PV, I haven't even heard the song yet! *What kind of FAN I am? T____T
Is it the same song in the opening of Lucky Seven? *seriously, am I even a FAN?

Kuuuu~ I'm not a good FAN GIRL! Even Ohno-kun and Sakurai-kun scold me! *Don't remind me about Nino's despising look in my previous post T____T
Forgive meeee~
It's not like I don't want to watch or listen to it. I just want to patiently wait for the full PV and I can have the full single :3
Come on, with my kind of internet connection, downloading is so troublesome T_____T
And spoiler is pretty much disturbing too. They say the PV is getting weirder, hahahaha, really can't wait when it fully released.
I promise I'll watch properly when the PV is out :D
Love yaaa~

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"I despise you!"

I will surely crying if Ninomiya-sama look at me that way T___T
His stare, his lips, it screams, "You're disgusting! I despise you!"
Uwaaaaa, Ninomiya-sama, forgive meeeeee! *running away not because of Ninomiya-sama but because his wifey throwing katana at me* xDDDD

pic credits: [livejournal.com profile] saobang2211
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Valentine's Day is here~ :D
Let's celebrate today with more and more Arashi rabuuu~

I love you all~

But, sorry, tonight I have dinner with five gorgeous men, ja ne~ xD

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As a new fan girl (haven't been a year as a fan, don't know where I'm stuck all this time >.<) please, excuse me for writing this lame late post. There's some of my favorite scene in this making concerning my ichiban(s) :D they always have their own way to make me laugh. And this screencap was taken from [livejournal.com profile] keiblackcat_13 subbed video. Thank you for sharing the vid :D

The first cute (?) scene is:

An angry Riida! He's cute ne? (I'm such a sadistic) And the faces he's referring to is:

Our partner in crime with their doubting face when they're talking what Ohno-kun likely to eat xD

I just love Aiba's smile :')

This is Nino's trade mark move xD I love it when he's doing this~

maybe I should make a gif of it :/

Ah, anyway, this is happen when Jun is singing along Love Rainbow as it plays in the background.

Riida is soooo cute xD His comical action always makes me laugh (even though he's 31 already)

And here's another absurd things my ichiban do:

The first cue from the hamster xDD

Laughing so much seeing his face, and so does Sho-kun:

ah, they're so cute, but still

The second cue and

still he take it :D so cute~

insert Sho's laugh here :3

And that's my flailing for Love Rainbow Jacket Making, and tomorrow is Vals Day, I guess I'll be dating with these five guys, ne? :3

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Yay! I'm finally changing my layout! *looking so hard for a layout that suit my taste because I can't make one* T___T
and it's all thanks to [livejournal.com profile] moobooh I can finally have an Arashi Livejournal Layout~ please forgive my randomness~ (_ _)

I don't know what did I make =.=
I just want to create something from this screencap from Arashi-Everything PV, and tadaa~
It's not a wallpaper, nor an icon =.= just a random pic, and I'm so not good at editing.
Please forgive me~

My Ichiban!

Feb. 2nd, 2012 12:10 am
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Finally ladies and gentlemen~ I choose my ichiban(s)! *throw confetti*
And that lucky guy(s) is:


see? I'm greedy~ xD

I love them for being awesome.

Ohno-kun, our not-so-Riida, who's never making an effort as a leader :D but still, so cute as ever, with his chubby cheek.
Though he is 31 already, he act as 13. Love his awesomely angelic voice. Love the way he does his own things. And I absolutely love his sexy dance movements *u*

Sakurai-kun, our NewsCaster, Mr. Candle Sho, beside being an idol, he is still determined to continue his education *that's a lot of charm for me* Love his bakaness *all of them* xD Even though he is the smartest, yet he could act as the most clumsy and baka. He always can make me smile.

I don't know what else to say~ They're so cute, so awesome, and not to mention have superb awesome teammates~
It's not like I didn't love Nino, Aiba and Matsujun. They are awesome in their own way, they complete each other. Without one of them, Arashi won't be Arashi. Arashi won't be the storm who's bringing happiness in my life. Arashi is Happiness!

I'm sharing a few gif I made from some videos. credits goes to the uploader and subber :D

this 31 years old man is so cute <3 where else you can find an old man this cute? xD

they look like wives cheering their husband, in this case, Ninomiya Kazunari and Nakayama Hideyuki (?)
I prefer Aiba-chan though >.<

The proof of their bakaness xD

There my beloved Ichiban(s)  <3

For the pictures, credits goes to the uploader~ I found it on Google by the way :D
Yoroshiku onegaishimasu~

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IT'S 00:00 JST
yaaayyy! 誕生日おめでとう Sho Sakurai!
Happy 30th Birthday!
Keep make us proud, just be the smart yet baka Sho~ xD

He is so cute when he's laughing >////<
I make this gif from [livejournal.com profile] nade_gata  NazoDi Team VS Arashi subbed video

Cutie Aiba

Jan. 24th, 2012 02:30 pm
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uwooooo, Aiba is so cute in this PV~ and there is Nino too~ Ohno is cute too~
aaaahhh, I feel like pedophile watching this PV >//////<

not that sho chan and jun is not cute~ but Aiba stole my heart first in this PV >//////<


Oct. 31st, 2011 05:19 am
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ah, I really don't know what I should post on my journal. But, surely enough, I've fallen for these hot guys~ xDD

and my ichiban is this gorgeous man over here

and here

this guy too :')

and them too~

hihihi, can't decide who I love the most~ >.<
that's my intro! haha :D, pleased to meet you~
the pics credit goes to the uploader~
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