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I'm sorry, I should have finished my previous fic smut, but well.

Pairing: Sasunaru
Rate: NC-17
Disclaimer: I wish I own them.

I opened the door to the library that evening. As usual, the huge library was deserted except for the guy sitting at reception desk. He had his nose on a book and didn’t seem to notice me. It wasn’t as if I tried to be silent. He just didn’t care. He wouldn’t notice a single thing as long as he had a book in his hand. Well, most of the time he wouldn’t.

I dropped my bag on one of the table beside the reception desk. He didn’t even blink. I rolled my eyes. It became a habit of mine to pick him up here, otherwise he wouldn't even remember to go home. He worked part time at the school library. After his classes, which usually finished before 2PM (lucky bastard), he would sit at the reception desk of this library and attended to the students’ needs. Not that anyone ever come to this library.

I glanced at my watch, it was already 6.15 PM. He was supposed to closed the library fifteen minutes earlier. But, well. He doesn’t seem to notice me standing so close behind him, let alone a silent time.

I fell in love with him the first time I saw him reading. I watched his long fingers flipped a page over. He had this pretty long fingers, which I love so much, holding the book so delicately as if it would rip if he held it too strongly. His soft black hair rested on his bent neck as he read. I love his broad shoulders, which this time was covered by a navy blue sweatshirt. It moved whenever he flipped a page.

Even from behind him, I could see his eyes moving with the lines. He was so focused that only those words were visible to him. He was so absorbed to how the story went. I could see his frown if the story went badly, I could see the twitch of his lips when he was amused. He would knit his eyebrow when he needs to re-read a paragraph. His shoulder would tense when he read a climax of a suspense.

I felt a smile tugging at my lips. I felt every single cell in my body tingling with the needs to take his attention away from that book. I wanted him to see me, to pour all his attention and love for me instead. And when I felt my heart clenched, I couldn’t take it anymore, as much as I loved to see him whenever he read, I wanted him to love me.

I leaned towards him, and slowly linked my hand around his shoulder. He didn’t even twitch. I was the one who was surprised instead.

“You’re not surprised?” I peered to his face when he immediately closed his books and took off his glasses.

“Am I supposed to be surprised?” He turned his face towards me and I felt my heart skip a beat when he looked at me with his dark and calming eyes.

“Well, you don’t even twitch when I came in just now,” I pulled myself back and he turned his chair around to face me. “I thought you didn’t notice,”

He tilted his head, I could already his amused smile dancing on his lips. “I did not notice, to be honest,” he said.

“Then, how come you’re not surprised?” I crossed my hands in front of my chest, my pose of demanding something from him.

He suddenly grabbed me by my waist, causing me to lose my footing and landed on his lap. He nuzzled my neck, sighing and trailing his lips along my jawline.

“Because, you’re just like home,” he whispered, his hands pulled me tighter to him. “I longed to come home to you, there’s no way I’d be surprised,” I felt my heart thumped so loudly. He always had this kind of effect on me.

“More like, I have to drag you home, otherwise you’d have this as your home,” I glanced around the library and I could see his smile ghosting on his lips. He was not much a smiler, so I’ve been so lucky to see his smile all the time and it was almost like a miracle that I was the cause for his smile.

“Nah, I’d love you more as my home,” he rubbed his hands up and down my spine, “It won’t feel like home if you’re not there,” I was trying to hide my embarrassment and fighting the lust that started to build up with each of his touch on my back.

“What the hell are you reading anyway? You’re so cheesy today,” I picked up the book from the table behind him. I looked at the erotic cover and at once I knew he’s been reading some erotic cheesy book again. It was not like he loved that kind of book, he basically read everything, from porn to encyclopedia. And this was one of the occasions where he found a book and curiosity get the better of him.

I read the summary of the book and immediately screwed my brows. “I’m surprised you even get that serious in reading this,” With our sexual preference, I really wouldn’t think that he would be into this.

“Yeah, it’s awful.” He locked his lips to my neck and I shuddered feeling the soft suck on my skin. “But, once I imagined the heroine is you, it gets much better,”

“What?” I pushed him on arm lengths and I saw him smirk. Was that why he got so touchy feely? (He is usually touchy feely, but not this much).

“It was hard waiting for you while reading this,” At hard, he emphasized by bucking his hips. I blushed so hard that I want to hit him.

“You, pervert,” I gritted my teeth when he held my hips down and rhythmically rolled his hips.

He sighed to my neck, trailing kisses down the column and finally marking my collarbone. I stifled a moan, gripping his hair at the back of his neck. His hands sneaked below my shirt, they roamed the small of my back while he was busy kissing and marking my shoulder. I felt my pants getting tighter.

He was already popping out the buttons of my shirt when I pushed him away. “Cut it out,” I caught his hands when he almost got all my buttons off. I was already feeling breathless by his ministration. He looked up to me. His eyes clouded, his gorgeous face almost flushed, his hair dishevelled from the way I cling to it. I could feel his hard on poking on my butt. It should be a crime at how tempting he looked when he was aroused. Nobody but me have seen this expression on him (I’ll kill everybody else who’s seen it, if there’s any).

“Why?” he breathed against my lips. I felt my eyelids getting heavier. Unconsciously leaning closer to him.

“Because it’s a goddamn library, Sasuke.” I yanked his hair back and he grimaced.

“It’s not like anyone will come here,” he said, then started rubbing my side. (So, he did know that nobody else ever come here). His long fingers spread on my side, leaving hot trails on its wake. His thumbs were dangerously close to my nipples. I tried so hard to suppress the moan. “Besides, it’s already closing time,” This time, he did graze my nipples and I gripped his shoulder.

“But, you do notice that the lights still on and the sign said open, right?” I tried glaring at him, which I believe was useless by the way I grinded down his hard on and my flushed face.

He stopped his hands, and looked up to me with innocent face. This asshole. “If that’s your only concern, we can fix that,” He suddenly stood up, taking me with him. I yelped, winding my feet around his waist and embraced his shoulder. Being a nerd, he has a surprising power.

“What are you doing?” I gasped as I felt him moved and our groins rubbed. He walked to the front door and turned the sign to closed. He also twisted the key to lock us in. He pinned me to the wall beside the door and reached to my right to turn all the lights off.

“So, are you satisfied?” He whispered before crashing his lips to mine. I moaned through the kiss. His kiss was rough; I could feel how much he had been holding it in. He nipped on my lower lip, licking it before his tongue sneaked inside and devoured all my moans. I didn’t notice when he discarded my shirt, I gasped every time his sweatshirt grazed against my nipple.

His hands found its way into my pants, gripping my butt tighter, he grinded towards me. He groaned at how his hard on slides against mine. I felt the building pressure between my legs. I clutched his sweatshirt, tightening my legs around his waist. When he pushed one of his fingers inside me, I gasped and all that pressure burst out of me. I bucked to his hips, riding the orgasm that shot through me. He pushed another finger inside me, earning an uncomfortable groan from me.

“That’s cruel,” he whispered in my ear. “To come by yourself,” he rolled his hips and immediately my penis came alive again. I whimpered when he pushed in another finger.

“Slow down,” I desperately clutched on his shoulder, trying so hard to keep myself from falling. I felt my legs turned into jelly whenever he made me came. Luckily, he still has the strength to pin me up the wall. “Uh, now my underwear is dirty,” I groaned.

He stopped and looked at me incredulously. “You’re saying that now?”

“Don’t just suddenly stop, bastard,” I wiggled my hips, my insides twitched around his fingers. I moaned, my wet underpants felt sticky, but his fingers inside me made me want to bounce on it. “Come on, Sasuke.” I whimpered, rolling my hips slowly and he snapped.

He carried me to the reception desk and laid me on it. He pulled my jeans and underpants off and started to move his fingers in and out. I groaned at the feeling. He reached out behind me and rummaging his bag. “Fuck,” he cursed. “Do you have any lube?”

I blinked. “I’m sorry.” I tugged at his hair and he groaned, “Of course I don’t. Who would’ve guess my nerdy boyfriend suddenly got horny during his part time shift and decided to fuck me here and now?”

“Fine,” he pulled his fingers out. “Let’s just finish this and continue at home,” He was unbuckling his belt when I pulled up and stopped his hands.

“Nope, I won’t let you,” I dropped onto my knees and unbuckling his belt myself. “We can just do this, now,” I pulled his pants off and his penis hit my face. Hard and dripping with precum. He groaned, gripping my hair between his fingers. I kissed his head, slowly lapping the precum and sucked on it. I palmed his ball, it twitched inside my mouth. His precum dripped nonstop and I licked every inch of the length, wetting it with my saliva. I moaned imagining that in a moment this will be inside of me.

“Uh, Naruto,” he moaned and he pulled me away from his penis. His face was flushed, his breath ragged and his hair cling to his sweaty forehead. Damn, so sexy.

He pulled me up and kissed me hard. Our groins aligned, now without clothes between us, the sensation kept getting higher. Both our penis was slick, mine with my cum earlier and his with my saliva. He made me sit on the table again, our lips still locked with each other.

He took off his sweatshirt (finally). I was still amazed at how toned his body were, considering how much he spent his time locked up reading. Muscles on all the right places. He even got a six-pack. Well, he did lots of exercise every night, though. Even so, I couldn’t get that kind of body. All I get was sore back and lack of sleep. Damn his libido.

Red lights streamed through the windows as the sun finally set. He was standing between my legs, sliding between my butt cheeks. His fair skin glistened with sweat, reflecting the colour of the sky. His dark eyes glowed with red tint, his breath was heavy with lust. He smirked, probably caught me staring. The way I always did whenever he stood there watching me like I was more interesting than any book he ever read. Like I was the one thing he loved most.

He leaned in and captured me in another passionate kiss. I linked my hands behind his neck. Tasting the way his lips touching mine, his tongue twist inside my mouth, and his sighs fuelled my lust. He bit on my lower lips when suddenly he thrusted inside me. I gasped for air. Surprised at the sudden intrusion. I arched my back, clawed at his back, feeling him throbbed inside me. My inside was twitching; the pain was almost unbearable.

“Uh, Naruto,” He moaned in my ear. “Relax, love,” he rubbed my back soothingly.

“Ah, you bastard,” I said between gritted teeth. “Even though you’re the one who wants to stop before because we don’t have lube.” I was trying so hard to breath, trying to ease my inside into accepting him.

“But, you looked so pretty,” he said, “I can’t hold myself,”

I hit his back with clenched fist, “You can never hold yourself!” He chuckled. And damn, how much I love it when he laughed.

“Ready, love?” he pecked my lips, then I pout.

“Stop being so chees--Ah,” with a laugh he suddenly started thrusting his hips. I moaned to his neck. It didn’t take him long to make me forget about the pain and blissfully moaning the pleasure. His thrust was long and hard. It hit the right spot every time he pivoted. His breath was heavy with pleasure. Sometimes I heard him groaning when I clenched my inside and he returned the favour by hitting the spot harder. Our breaths mixed together when he hovered over me and claimed my lips for a kiss.

I gripped his shoulder when I felt the pleasure unbearably close to undone. He was muttering under his breath, a mix of moans and my name. He clings to my shoulder and started making marks. That means he was close.

His thrusts got more rapid and sloppy. I moaned his name as my inside tensed when my penis blew its load between our stomach. He groaned and with a long deep thrust, he came inside me. I felt his sperm bursting inside me, hot and sticky. He panted as he came, shallowly thrusting, until he was spent.

He snuggled up to me. Wrapping me in his arms while we lay there waiting to come down from the highs. “I wish we were home,” he mumbled. I caress his hair which was damp with sweat. The room was almost dark now. “So I can do you some more time,”

At that, I tugged his hair and he groaned. “You nerdy beast!” I realized that he was getting hard again inside me. “Pulled out!” I said, pushing him away. He gave me a playful thrust before slowly pulling his penis out. I tried so hard not to moan.

He gathered our clothes and dumped it beside me. He was starting to wear his clothes when I tried to stand up and staggered. He quickly caught me before I fell and hit my head on the table.

“You can’t stand?” he asked me gleefully. I glared at him. This bastard, seriously.

“Whose fault is this, bastard?” I gripped his shoulder as I tried to stand. “Ah, fuck,” I groaned as I felt something ran down my thighs. At that moment, I saw from the corner of my eyes, his penis was already fully standing at attention. My face was flamed, burning hot as I threw my fist on his arm.

“Don’t get hard! You asshole,” I said. But he ignored me and started putting our clothes on. He intentionally rubbed my ass and tracing my twitching asshole where I couldn’t hold my voice and let out a moan.

“Okay, let’s go home!” he said, still with his hard-on, he took our bags, and carried me out of the library to our apartment. Thankfully, it was a few minutes’ walk. If not, maybe we’re still in some alleyway, engrossed to each other.

I'm so pervy lately. Thank you for reading.
Love you~
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