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I guess everybody knew about this already, not a long time ago, we were attacked by their unfairly handsome photo shoot on Hanako.
And yet before we even have recovered by the sudden attack, they're attacking again with Myojo photo shoot. Seriously, why are they getting more handsome each time we see them on the magazine? I'm not going to attach any superb photos, because the scans are everywhere now :D go on and take it (just remember to get the owner's permission first)
Well, this is a little part of the magz. From two pages of it, and I'm still wondering why.

Ohno Satoshi, he's getting more handsome lately, isn't he? Our old man :D

Aiba Masaki, with his glorious smile. He will struck your heart wwith his warming smile >.<

Matsumoto Jun, his stoic face, seriously talking, so handsome >.<

Ninomiya Kazunari, I love his pose, the way he want to smile >.<


Everyone in a cool pose, but Sho-kun? I just don't understand. He is just awesome. Being the only one with weird picture here. xDD /dodging the katana flied to me/
I got the scans from [livejournal.com profile] saobang2211 thank you :)) 
Pictures credit goes to the uploader of course.
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wow, it's this time again this year. Time flies, ne? :D
uwaaaaahh, it's been a long time since I last wrote something here.
Gomenasai~ m(_ _)m
Well, today is Ninomiya-sama birthday >.<
Happy Birthday, I'm happy that you're going to high school this year *eh* I mean you're going to be 29~ xDD
He doesn't look like a 29 years man >.< For us you're always be 17! nope, in the next drama, he's going to be 15 :3
He is younger than me! Otouto-san *Nino hit my head* ouch! okay, I mean Nii-chan~ xDD
I wish you happy life! Keep handsome, talented and bratty as always xDD
Without you, Arashi will be nothing~ We Love You Ninomiya-sama~ :*
Love from me, Ohno-kun and Sakurai-kun~

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"I despise you!"

I will surely crying if Ninomiya-sama look at me that way T___T
His stare, his lips, it screams, "You're disgusting! I despise you!"
Uwaaaaa, Ninomiya-sama, forgive meeeeee! *running away not because of Ninomiya-sama but because his wifey throwing katana at me* xDDDD

pic credits: [livejournal.com profile] saobang2211
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As a new fan girl (haven't been a year as a fan, don't know where I'm stuck all this time >.<) please, excuse me for writing this lame late post. There's some of my favorite scene in this making concerning my ichiban(s) :D they always have their own way to make me laugh. And this screencap was taken from [livejournal.com profile] keiblackcat_13 subbed video. Thank you for sharing the vid :D

The first cute (?) scene is:

An angry Riida! He's cute ne? (I'm such a sadistic) And the faces he's referring to is:

Our partner in crime with their doubting face when they're talking what Ohno-kun likely to eat xD

I just love Aiba's smile :')

This is Nino's trade mark move xD I love it when he's doing this~

maybe I should make a gif of it :/

Ah, anyway, this is happen when Jun is singing along Love Rainbow as it plays in the background.

Riida is soooo cute xD His comical action always makes me laugh (even though he's 31 already)

And here's another absurd things my ichiban do:

The first cue from the hamster xDD

Laughing so much seeing his face, and so does Sho-kun:

ah, they're so cute, but still

The second cue and

still he take it :D so cute~

insert Sho's laugh here :3

And that's my flailing for Love Rainbow Jacket Making, and tomorrow is Vals Day, I guess I'll be dating with these five guys, ne? :3

Cutie Aiba

Jan. 24th, 2012 02:30 pm
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uwooooo, Aiba is so cute in this PV~ and there is Nino too~ Ohno is cute too~
aaaahhh, I feel like pedophile watching this PV >//////<

not that sho chan and jun is not cute~ but Aiba stole my heart first in this PV >//////<


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