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So. Finally I finished the smut. Intented for Jun-kun's birthday, and even late for Aiba-kun's birthday. You're so failed.

You can find the previous story here.

So enjoy 3900+ words of smut *kisses

“You ask too many questions,” and he kisses me.

Awkwardly at first, but then I gained the control and kiss him slowly, unleashing all the feelings that I’ve been holding for  months. His lips are still as soft as I remember. Not as wet, but still as sweet as the first time I kiss him. He put his hands on my chest, slowly sliding it to the back of my neck. I almost shiver at the touch. I lick his lips, asking silently for entrance and he opens his mouth willingly. I found his tongue, giving it tentative nudge, and he responds sweetly. I can feel my body getting high, not helping with the way his skin touch my naked torso and shoulder. I slid my hands into his shirt and he gasps breaking our kiss.

“That surprised me,” he said, his voice is husky, heavy and low and it sends shivers down my spine. I’m aware about the way our bodies cling so close and the fact that I only have a piece of cloth on my body.

“What surprised you?” I murmur, kissing his jaw, and slowly sliding my hands on his back.

“That!” he said when I slide my right hand dangerously low, I feel my lips curl into a smirk.

“What?” I kiss the corner of his lips and he starts to squirm when I still rub the skin on his back dangerously low. I can see the hair at the back of his neck starts to stand up.

“You! Stop doing that!” he said while my fingers start to get inside the rubber band of his pants.

I stop and pull away, looking at him innocently. His cheeks are now red and his eyes glazed with something that I also feel, almost making me feverish. “Why? This is my birthday. Isn’t this also part of your surprise?” I slowly roll my hips and he yelps, his cheeks flare even brighter, trying to jerk away from me with no avail.

“Jun! You brat!” he grips my shoulder, gritting his teeth to hold his resolve.

“So, is it?” I grinned at him, watching him clamped his lips tightly. He glares at me when I slowly lift his clothes, and trace his spine with my fingers. I feel his body shake, he closes his eyes. My grin gets wider, I peck his lips, tentatively licking before sucking at his lower lip. His breath getting rougher. My hands are already on his shoulder blade, lifting half of his sleeveless shirt and exposing his flat abs. I feel it rubbing on my torso and the heat starts to pool dangerously low on my stomach. He still grips  my shoulder tightly. I feel his fingers dig into my skin, showing how much self-control starts to slip from his body. He clamps his lips and eyes shut. Concentrating so hard on holding back that he doesn’t realize I am biting his lower lip asking him to open his mouth. I think he doesn’t even realize that I’m kissing him. This idiot.

I get impatient and without warning, slide my right hand to his front and flick his already perk nipple. He gasps and his eyes shot open. I’m loving each of his reaction. “Pay attention to me,” I whispered, rubbing his chest, purposely avoiding his nipples now.

He whimpered, “W-why are you...” he stifled a moan when my fingertip swipe over his sensitive chest, I start to feel his nails now on my shoulder. “...w-why are you so perverted?” he sniffs, his grip on my shoulder loosened and I can feel him shaking. It really amused me.

“I am not.” I said, holding his waist tighter. “Every guy expect something like this when their lover gives a birthday surprise at midnight while he was bathing,” I smirk when he stammered.

“Lo-lover? A-and I don’t know that you’re bathing,” his face is like a tomato now. So red that I want to pinch it.

“The point is,” I said tugging off his shirt, he looks kind of panicked and futilely tried to stop my movement, “I love you,” he freezes, staring at me with a stunned expression, “And I want you so bad,” I grind our groin together, he unintentionally let out  a moan that turns me on even harder.

He slumped on my arms, his back leans against the dining table and I feel the soft fabric of my towel rubs me in the best way while hearing him moaning softly following all the slow grinds I did to him. I kiss his neck, following the veins that pulse as if it was a flooded river. I pull him up and made him sit on the dining table. I slowly roll my hips, earning a lusty groans from him. I trail my kisses up to his jaw, looking at his feverish face, eyes clouded, but still as brilliant as ever. His lips parts and I dive for another kiss.

He sighs into the kiss, letting me exploring his cavern. He sucks on my lower lips and I lean forward, pushing him onto the table when something crash to the floor. We break our kiss and see the tray and candles shattered on the floor. His hands are leaning backward, a cm away from the cake. A little bit more, and he’ll destroy my birthday cake.

“I guess, the dining table is too dangerous,” I sigh, I swept him off the dining table, he squeals and out of reflex circle my neck with his arms and his legs on my waist. I place my hands on his butt, gently rubbing it. He blushes madly.

“Hey, put me down!” he starts squirming, I grit my teeth, feeling the pleasure weakening my knees. “Don’t move or I’ll drop you,” I grunt. He stops moving. I grinned. I knead his butt, and his eyes widen. “You..!”

“No, don’t move, I swear if you move I’ll drop you,” I said positioning him so I can hold him properly. I can feel his hard-on through the clothes. His face is still red from embarrassment since my hands still knead his firm ass. He is so embarrassed that he starts squirming again. I clenched my teeth and hold his waist to stand still. “I told you to stop moving,” I hiss, “Can you feel this?” I roll my hips towards his, letting him to feel how hard I already am, “I can’t feel my knees if you keep rubbing me like that,”

His expression is priceless. He is blushing madly. His eyes widen when he feel the hard things between our legs and I guess he finally also realizes how hard he is. He hide his face on the crook of my neck and I heard his groans and the way I feel his lips move, he is whimpering with embarrassment. I laughed at this, “What the heck,”

When I start to move, he jerks up, “No, don’t move,” finally noticing the pain I felt when he squirms. I smirk, taking another step, and he stifles a moan. I take another step, giving an extra roll of my hips. “Stop moving, you said you can’t feel you knees!” He squealed.

“We have to move though,” I said taking another step, and another, with him gripping me tightly. Shit. “Or else, I will really drop you and do it here,” I grunt when our bodies aligned so perfectly that I can feel his bulge slides over mine. He moans and I can’t take it anymore. I almost run into the bedroom and in swift motion drop our bodies on the bed. He gasped, surprised by the sudden impact and the loss of warmth.

Without wasting another moment, I pounce on him and kiss him, with more passion and urgently, tugging on his pants, and dropped it somewhere behind me. I lean on him, showering him with kisses, while my hands are busy tweaking on his nipples. He moans with each kisses and touches. His fingers trace my arms, slowly to my shoulder, I get lower, leaving kiss marks on his collarbone, and sucking on his nipples alternately. He grips my hair, arching his back, trying to get more friction on his growing manhood.

I grind down slowly, earning a low moan from him. I tugged on the last piece of cloth on his body and pulled off his boxer. I pulled back and watch him through the dim light of my bedroom. I might be dreaming, this might be one of those dream where I finally have him on my  bed. I rub myself through my towel. The way he sprawled on my bed, eyes clouded with lust, lips red from all the kisses, his naked chest and torso full of kiss marks, his cock standing on attention, and his long legs twisted from all the pleasure. Fuck.

Aware of my stares, he starts to curl himself, but I catch his hands and slip between his legs. “Nope, no way. I can’t do anything to you if you curl yourself like that,” I said holding his arms beside his side. “But, you stare so much,” he mumbles, embarrassed.

“That’s because I am still deciding whether I might still dreaming on the plane or I really have you here in my arms,” I said, kissing his jaw. He pouts.

“Stop talking like that,” he said. “You’re making me feel guilty,” I laugh and peck his lips.

“Yeah, and, if it’s a dream you sounds so much better than what I’ve been dreaming until now,” I grab his cock and he gasps, moaning as I stroke it up and down. He grabs my wrist with his free hand, trying to slow me down. But, I’m not having it, I want to see his coming face.

“J-Jun, aah..” his moans go straight to my cock, it’s aching with all the sounds he emits. “Slow down,” I let his other hand go and suck my fingers, wetting it with my saliva. He’s grabbing my hand with both hands now. Without warning, I put one of my fingers in and with a yelp of my name his back arch and he come all over his stomach. I need all my resolve not to come here and now. His eyes widen, glazy with tears. His mouth open, short breath coming out of his lips as his chest heaved up and down. His cock twitching with pleasure. Not to mention the way he clenched around my finger. “Fuck,” I sighed, leaving butterfly kisses on his chest, feeling all the pleasure surged down my spine.

I take the chance to slip another finger when he’s still coming down from his high. Slowly circling his inside, trying to widen it, loosening it for another thing in a moment. I watched his eyes slowly getting focused and finally realizing what I’m doing down there.

I stroke his shaft again, and he moaned. “Won’t y--you stop for a moment?” he tightens his grip on my wrist again when he finally feel the double sensation.

“Nu-uh, can’t do,” I said, grasping his hand and guide him to my hard-on. He blushes so hard when I led his hand to massage my groin, “You need to do something about this, first,” I whisper to his ear, I can see the hair on his neck stands up. I thrust my fingers inside him and he yelps. “Does it hurt?” I asked. He slowly shakes his head. I smiled and push another finger in.

“Y-you,” he stops massaging my groin and starts gripping my wrist again. “Even though I said it doesn’t hurt,” he takes a sharp breath when I push my fingers hard, “...doesn’t mean I’m ready,” he gasps at every thrust and when he finally arches his back, I pull my fingers out. He looks up at me.

I lean down and kiss him softly, but then I remember something that makes me pull back. “I have a bad news,” He tilts his head so cutely that I almost lost my resolve. “I don’t have lube, but I still have some lotion” I crawl up and rummage my bag which lies beside the table. “I hope you don’t ---,” to my surprise when I lean back, he is already sitting up. I got quiet for a second, thinking that he might not want to continue, “We can stop---”

He reaches out to my towel and slowly pull it off. I tried so hard not to burst from the way he is sizing me up. He grabs my cock and slowly pumps it. I sigh at the pleasure. He licks his lips, before lowering it to the weeping head. He gives a tentative lick before clamping down the head. A moan slips out my lips. I grab his hair, stroking it as he gulped down my penis.

“Why suddenly so lewd?” I groaned, looking at his dazzled eyes. He just smiles coyly at me, before deep throating me. “Ugh, Masaki,” I grunted. He strokes the rest of the shaft while bobbing his head up and down. “God, I’m close,” I tightened my grip on his hair and he release my cock.

“You tease,” I gasped. He grins. I push him down, and intend to kiss him when he suddenly covers my mouth, “Do you still want to kiss me?” I look at him incredulously.

“You bet,” and I dive down to kiss him. He moaned when I position myself between his legs and our groins meet. I lick his lips and slowly pushing my tongue inside. His eyes is closed, and his breath raging. I feel my penis twitching at the sight, so while distracting him, I prod his opening with my shaft and in one swift motion I thrust it all in. He gasped. His nails digging to the skin of my back. I clamped my lips shut, trying to restrain myself from cumming by the way he grips on me.

“I thought--,” he started, taking a deep breath, “I thought you said you have lotion,” he gasped as I started moving back slowly.

“Sorry,” I gritted my teeth, “I forgot,”

“You forgot?!” he snapped and looking at me disbelievingly. “How can y---nggh!” he stopped mid-sentence when I slam back in. I still could feel his nails on my back, by the sting of it, he might have drawn out some blood. But it was nothing compared to the pleasure I’ve felt churning below my stomach. I started to thrust back and forth, trying so hard to keep my pace slow. His eyes was closed and he was gasping for air, obviously in pain. I caressed his cheek.

“I’m sorry,” I panted, stilling my movement. He opened his eyes and I saw tears streaming down his cheek. Guilt gripped me, “I’m sorry,” I said guiltily. “L-Let’s stop,” I gulped down as I started pulling out.

“Are you kidding me?!” he suddenly circled his legs around my hip, which automatically drove my penis deeper. I grunted. It felt so good. “Why do you think I put up with it?” He took a deep breath, “If I want you to stop, I would’ve kicked you,”

“You’re saying something dangerous,” I mumbled, cupping his cheek. “You’re okay, now?” I asked. He nodded slowly. “Then, I won’t stop even though you want me to stop,” I pulled my hip back and slammed back in. The pleasure was unbearable. He was still gritting his teeth, but he was now gripping my arms instead of digging his nails on my back. I kept slamming in, slowly at first, gaining more speed as he started moaning to my thrust.

His moans are bliss. Broken syllable of my name kept falling from his lips. The tip of his penis was wet with precum. “I-Is it good?” I panted. He suddenly blushed and covered his face with his hands. “W-Wha?” I pried his hands away. He was blushing like mad. “What’s wrong?”

He was facing the wall, avoiding my eyes. He was red down to his neck. “Why did you suddenly ask something like that?” he mumbled. God. So adorable.

“I’m asking, because I’m concerned about my performance,” I grinned and started a swift pace. He was holding back his moans now. He turned his body to the side, moaning against the pillow. “Why are you suddenly become so self-conscious?” I chuckled. I pinned his hands on each side of his head. I trailed kisses along his jawline, thrusting my shaft into his opening deeper. He gripped me so tightly, I feel that I wouldn’t last. He was biting his lips, which worried me he will break the skin. I licked his red lips. He gasped as I thrusted hard into him.

“Let out your voice, will you?” I said while nipping on his bottom lip. “I feel like I’m underperforming,” He shook his head, still holding his voice back.

“Are you embarrassed now?” I smirked. “Even though you give me a blow jo--” he covered my mouth with my his hands. His face was redder than tomato. I used that chance to thrust into him, which luckily hit his spot. He gasped and his eyes widen. Pleasure passed in his eyes. Moans started spilling from his lips again. He was clenching and unclenching his inside in time with my thrust. I couldn’t hold myself anymore. And he seemed to be over the edge as well. I leaned down to kiss him. Our kiss was sloppy, he whimpered, Goosebumps appeared on his skin. I grunted, pivoting my hips and thrusted harder and faster. I felt him tightened on me and he came between our stomach. I growled and gave one long thrust before I spilled all my loads in him. Pleasure rushed down my body. He was limp below me. His face was still flushed, I felt myself twitched at the sight, and slowly pulled out before I got hard again. I shivered when I lost the warmth.

He looked spent. His chest heaved up and down. I sank on the bed beside him. I weaved my arms around his middle and pulled him into my chest. I started to feel sleepy even though I have a jetlag. I felt his warm skin against me and I couldn’t help the smile that creeped up my face.

But then, I felt his lips against mine. A soft chaste kiss. I looked at him surprised. He blushed. “Happy birthday,” he whispered. I smiled.

“Can we go another round?” and he pushed me out of the bed.


When I carried him to the bathroom to clean up (I couldn’t stop smirking proudly until he literally pulled my hair out, I still smirked though), he finally noticed what he did to my back. I helped him sit down on the edge of the bathtub, before turning around to rummage the cabinets to find some towels and new toothbrush.

When I turned back to him, he was looking at me ashen faced. “What’s wrong?” I crouched down in front of him, afraid that he was hurt more than he let on. He grabbed my shoulder and forced me to turn my upper body around.

“D-Did I do this?” he whispered, tracing the scratches on my back. I looked back to the mirror to see the flaming red cut. I flinched when he touched a particularly bloody one. He pulled his hand away. “S-sorry,” He was squeezing his hands, something he always did when he’s nervous.

He was so adorable. I pecked him on the lips. “Nothing compared to your pain, now, though,” I smirked. “And I’m still proud of what I did, you know,”

He punched my arm and hid his red face. I would be doomed if he kept doing things like this. So damn adorable.

“Do you want to clean up or shall we start another round?” I said playfully and he almost kicked me again.
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