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Hello~ Again, I was distracted.
I am in the mood for some fluff, so here we go. A side story to "Library".

Disclaimer: nay nay nay!
Rating: PG-13

We have just finished our Classical Literature class when we noticed some groups of girls here and there whispering and giggling while looking at something down the hall. They were basically crowding the hallway, making it hard to walk through them.

“What are these girls doing here?” Kiba grumbled as we made our way down the hall. We apologized constantly as we kept bumping to someone shoulder. The girls looked so excited, they were spreading the gossip as if if they waited any longer, it wouldn’t be as hot anymore.

“It feels like a celebrity visit the campus, doesn’t it?” I snickered and apologized again as I hit someone shoulder with my bag.

“Yeah. Aren’t they tired?” Kiba walked through some girls, earning a glare from them. “I mean, we already have classes all day, and they decided to gossip in the middle of the hallway when we’re going home?”

I just chuckled. “Gossiping is one of their way to get recharged,” and Kiba gave an exasperated cry.

We finally made our way through the crowd. Kiba sighed and straightened his clothes, “Do you want to get some dinner, first?” he asked as we made our way down the hall. I was about to answer when he said, “Ah, yeah. You need to pick him up.”

“Yeah,” I laughed at the way he rolled his eyes.

“I never thought he was that absentminded,” Kiba grunted, “At first look, you will think he is a sharp guy. The way he talks too. I’ve never met someone so rude in my life,” He made some rude gesture with his hand before I smacked his hand.

“That’s my boyfriend you’re talking about,” I sneered at him.

“Well, look at that guy. He’s nothing but a pretty face. I really wanted to smack him lately every time he said ‘mutt-face’,”

“Well, that’s because you keep nagging him to let me go to some unknown bar.”

“Hey! We’re young, we need to explore,”

“Yeah, and ended up convicted because they thought you sell drugs,” I rolled my eyes.

“Well, yeah. That’s not a nice experience.” He mumbled. “Anyhow, he still doesn’t have to call me mutt-face every time we met! Such an ass.”

“He’s just jealous of you,” I chuckled. Kiba stopped on his track.

“Jealous?” Kiba looked at incredulously. “At me? Is he mad?”

I laughed, “Yeah, isn’t he cute?” Our relationship was more like brothers. It grossed the both of us to even think about each other that way.

Kiba shook his head. We almost got to the exit when we found (again) that the girls were swarming and giggling. “Just what the hell?” Kiba muttered.

“I mean, seriously, which celebrity come at this time of the day?” Kiba grumbled. We tried to avoid the cluster of girls while trying to catch what they were saying.

“Have you ever seen him around?”

“I heard he is senior student,”

Kiba and I looked at each other. “So not a celebrity then?” I said. Kiba just shrugged. I glanced at my watch. It was already 6.20pm. He should have finished his shift. But it didn’t mean that he went home already. There was one time when he didn’t come home, I was so worried because it was already 10PM and he didn’t call or send me an email indicating that he would be late. When I found him in the library he was reading a book like nothing was wrong.

When I got so mad at him, asking why he hadn’t go home and couldn’t even be reached, he just said “I didn’t notice it was already this late, and I thought my phone was already charged this morning,” Since that time I decided to pick him up every day after my class.

He got so occupied by the book he read that he didn’t even notice the time. He wouldn’t notice anything else except the book he read. The first time I met him, I was working part time in a cafe and he was a regular customer. Every weekend, he would buy an ice coffee and sit on the corner where no one would notice him. He would read various books, fiction or nonfiction. I’ve even seen him read porn in the middle of a broad day.

“Ah, now I know what caused this ruckus,” Kiba stopped walking and motioned me to the bench under the cherry tree. My eyes widened and my mouth gaped open. “Your puppy unexpectedly picks you up this time,”

I ran to him, ignoring all the girls’ murmurs, I clamped his book shuts, “Sasuke! What are you doing here?” He looked up to me and look at the book in my hand. Probably thinking what was the last page he read.

“Damn, and it was getting good,” he muttered. I could see from the corner of my eyes that the girls were getting closer. I got the impulse to hide him from everybody else. “I’m here to pick you up,” he said, smiling so slightly that my hand moved without thinking,hiding half of face with the book.

“Wha--?” he pushed the book away and I quickly pulled my hand down.

“No, sorry,” I said sheepishly.

“Ready to go home?” He asked. I was nodding eagerly, “I thought you’d be with..,” he suddenly scowled, “..Kiba,” when Kiba appeared beside me and nodded acknowledging Sasuke.

“It’s a surprise that you know your way out of the library,” Kiba taunted. And he wondered why Sasuke was always being a jerk to him.

“And it’s a surprise that you even know how to say library, mutt-face,” There we go again. Before Kiba could retort anything that might led to jabbing session, I dragged Sasuke’s hand and said, “Alright, we’re done. Let’s go home.” Sasuke was still staring daggers at Kiba when I picked up his bag and bid my goodbye to Kiba, “See you on Monday,”

Kiba just nodded his head while glaring at Sasuke. We walked our way back home, with all the girls still staring at both of us. I felt a jab of jealousy with the way all those girls gobbled at him. He was extremely good looking, I know. But, he is mine. Damn it.

I was getting grumpier. I wanted to be home as soon as possible. I turned to ask him to walk faster when he grabbed my hand and dragged me out of the campus.

“Hey, Sasuke,” I called out to him, trying to match his walking pace and I saw his expression. He was scowling. Deep frown appeared between his eyebrow. His lips formed a thin line and I noticed how hard he was gripping my hand.

When we were out of the school, he slowed down and eased his grip on my hand. He still held it, carefully hiding it between our thick sweater.

“Are you still mad at Kiba?” I asked slowly. His jaw tightened. “He was joking, you don’t have to take him seriously,”

After some times he answered, “I know he was joking,” he pulled me closer to him, so our sides touch each other. “I was mad about something else,”

I raised my eyebrow. He turned to face me when he noticed my questioning stare. “The staring made me uncomfortable,” he said. I tilted my head. He was fine when he was reading. It could be that he didn’t notice, though.

“Uncomfortable? It was more like you wanted to poke them in the eye with a stick,” I replied.

“I wish I could,” he shrugged. “So they could stop staring at you,” he gripped my hand tighter. “Did they do that all the time? I mean I know you’re irresistible, but they don’t even hide their interest. Eyeing you like a prey--,” I pulled him to a stop.

“What are you saying? They’re looking at you! I am the one who should be jealous,” I said. He looked at me baffled.

“No, they’re looking at you. Aside from Kiba, now I have the whole school to be worried about,” he grumbled. I just couldn’t understand this guy. Why was he even worried? He won by a huge league. I was the one who should be worried. All that girls. (On Monday, Kiba told me that it was both of us, “I mean I have to agree that you’re both good looking, even with that foul mouth of his,”)

“You should have seen how those girls talking and gossiping about how gorgeous you are in the hallway,” I mumbled, looking at the end of my shoe, “As if they never see any hot guy in their life,”

He didn’t say anything, but I felt his stare on top of my head. I looked up and notice he was smirking. “What?” I asked.

“You’re jealous,” he bemused. I felt blush creeped up my face and the embarrassment settled on the bottom of my stomach.

“Of course, I am! You’re mine!” I said hitting his chest with my fist. He laughed. Thank God, the street was empty.

“This is bad,” he muttered, “I want to kiss you so bad,” I gaped at him and before I couldn’t stop him, he pecked me on the lips. He laughed at my dumbfounded face.

“You idiot!” I kicked him on the shin and he yelped. “What if someone sees us?”

“Then that’s good.” He smiled so brightly that I almost thought he was not my Sasuke. “They know that you belong to me,” I blushed so hard, so embarrassed that I could die.

“Let’s go home!” he said pulling my hand so we could continue our walk home. But I pulled him to a stop again.

“Promised me,” I said. He raised one of his eyebrow, “You won’t pick me up when there are so many girls around,”

His smirk widened, and I could tell he was holding his laugh. “I won’t,” I glared at him at the way he started to fall into small fits of laugh. “I seriously won’t, I couldn’t handle the way they stared at you, anyway. It makes me anxious. I’d rather have you come to pick me up. At least that way, I’ll have you for myself,”

I stared at him. He looked genuinely worried, which was hilarious considering there’s no way anyone can compete with him. In a swift movement, I cupped his cheek, stand on my tiptoes and kissed him on the mouth. “I love you, Sasuke,” I whispered softly.

He smiled, “I love you too, Naruto.”

Yass, it's all about fluffy~
Love you~


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