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I'm back with another fic.
This one is too ooc to be Arashi fic, so I make one of my favorite pairing acted on it XD

Disclaimer: sincerely not mine XD

He was standing there leaning against the wall, bright blond hair, tanned skin and lean body. He wore tight jeans and a blue v-neck shirt. I couldn’t actually make out his face, but I could see that he was handsome. I have had my eyes on him for a while now. I keep trying to make out his expression beyond all these people between us.

He kept glancing around, obviously bored despite the hype atmosphere. I also noticed that he was not there alone. He was there with someone. But, the other guy was busy choking down drinks and talking to some people, which I presume, were his friends not the blond guy. I could see the way his lips puckered up, he was already fed up with the other guy. I felt my lips curl into a smirk when I thought what that lips would taste like.

He was watching as the people went past him to get in the dance floor. Clearly contemplating whether he should get away or not and suddenly his eyes met mine. Our eyes locked for a moment. Neither of us seems to want to look away. I took a final sip of drink and giving him my famous smirk.

God, I’m bored. I never thought agreeing to accompany my boyfriend (fuck, I still don’t understand how does he become my boyfriend) to meet with his friends will be this boring. He completely ignores me and chokes down I-don’t-know-how-many-drinks-now. I keep glancing to my watch and looking around the club, can’t wait to get out of here.

His laugh really irks me. God, maybe I should just sneak out. I mean, I even dressed up for him and he dares to ignore me. I watch the people passing us to the dance floor. The atmosphere of the club is actually not bad. If only this guy asked me for a dance, tonight will worth it. But, being the stupid bloke he is, he doesn’t and here I am standing as a bored statue.

I’m still scanning the dance floor when I finally realized that someone is watching me from across the dance floor. He’s right in front of me, leaning against the wall, and holding a glass of drink. He is tall and quite muscular. I can see all his muscle hugged in the right place by his black shirt and jeans. And God, he’s good looking. He raises his glass and finish his drink. Then, he takes me by surprise with his smirk. I can feel my heart beating so fast. By a single smirk, he beckons me to the dance floor.
I glance towards my boyfriend and I guess he has forgotten that he brings his boyfriend. Fuck you. And so, I tauntingly walk down the dance floor, towards the man who’s standing in the middle of the dance floor. His eyes never left mine and I can only see him.

I can’t believe he’s coming towards me. Fuck. He looks much better than I thought he was. The closer he gets; I see that he has whisker marks on his cheeks. His eyes, the bluest blue that I have ever seen.

I walk up to him and meet him in the middle of the dance floor. When I get close enough, I heard him unintentionally whispers, “Fuck,” my smirk goes wider, closing the proximity between us, I whisper back, “We can get to that in a minute,”

His eyes get wide, looking at me in disbelief. “You heard that?” His cheeks flushed. Fuck, so adorable.

“I have an excellent hearing,” I said, guiding him so I’m facing his back. He starts to sway, following the rhythm, while I’m following his move. “Aren’t your boyfriend going to be looking for you?” I asked, daringly placing my hands on his hip. He snaps his head to face me.

“How did you know I went with him?” he asked, surprised. I chuckled, “Are you acting single now?” I teased him, letting him feel my breath on his neck. The hairs in his neck stand up. “I see you all night, looking bored. Why do you think I invite you to dance?” The beats turn up and he starts to moves his hands along with his hips.

“I don’t care, you should take responsibility for inviting me to dance,” he said beguilingly, and I feel his hands reaching the back of my neck so that there’s no space between our bodies anymore. I can feel he intentionally grinds his hips toward my groin. Such a tease.

“I will, even if you’re unwilling I will still take you away,” I said in his ear. He shudders and I heard his low chuckle. He is basically feeling me up. His hands roam from my hair, neck and shoulder, while mine is busy getting under his shirt and feeling his flat stomach and dangerously below his hip. I can feel the heat pools in my groin and I can say that he’s already feeling it through our jeans by the way he grinds harder.

He suddenly turns around and placing his hands around my neck. Our groins meet and I can feel the hard bulge between his leg. “Are we going to keep this up?” he whispered huskily into my ear. I hold his hip tighter and practically dry humping him. “Are you sure you want to leave your boyfriend?” I run my lips along his neck, taking a taste of what a feast I will get in a minute. His body trembled and he let out a moan that finally snapped me.

“Fuck, I don’t need to hear the answer!” I said and dragged him out of the dance floor and out of the club. He laughed, “Took you long enough,” I glanced back at him. He’s definitely gorgeous. His sweat dampened his hair. It sticks on his forehead. I’m glad I went out today.

I pull my phone out of my pocket. We’re already out of the club, but the street is quite empty considering it’s not that late. “Hi, I want to order taxi. Yeah, we’re at Mowers and Shakes,” I feel him circling his arm in my neck again. I tried to keep my voice at bay when I feel his breath on my neck. “Yeah, okay. Great, tell him if he’s not here in 30 seconds, I’ll kill him. Fuck,” I lost it when he sucks on my collarbone. I cut the call and looked down at the smirking guy.

“You.” I growled. He chuckled, licking the kiss mark he make on my neck. “What a tease,” I said claiming his lips on a fierce kiss. He sighed deeply, without much fight giving in to my domination. I licked his lips asking him to open his mouth and he complies. I push my tongue inside his mouth, tasting the sweet cavern, exploring every single canine and devouring each sigh and moan he emitted, before a honk snapped us out of our kiss and a taxi parked in front of us.

“Yo, lovebirds, asking for a ride?” A lazy looking guy peered out from the driver seat and practically rolled his eyes as if he has found troublesome customer. I opened the door to the backseat followed by the blond guy. Instead of sitting beside me, he climbed over me and latching himself on my neck again. Does he have neck fetish or something? My lust almost took over me when the taxi driver gives an annoyed cough, waiting for the address.

“Fifth Avenue, in front of the library,” I said. The taxi driver grumbled something like “Troublesome,” and took off. I don’t even care when I have a gorgeous god sitting on my lap, giving me a slow lap dancing. He looked down to me, and I took my time devouring his beautiful eyes and adoring every single marks on his face.

“Where have you been?” He whispered while I’m lifting his shirt, feeling the flat abs, going dangerously close to his nipples. I tried so hard to keep my hands in check so that he won’t moan. I don’t want to the taxi driver to hear his moan. I don’t want anyone else to hear his moan.

“Same goes to you,” I give him a chaste kiss. It makes me smirk when he followed my lips as if he expected more. He pouts. “Why do I feel like I’ll hate your smirks?” My smirk goes wider and I kiss his pouting lips, “Why do I feel like I’d love to see more of your pouts?”

He grinded harder, and I clench my teeth to hold my resolve. “Jerk,” He said huskily. “Tease,” I whispered back, holding his hip steady. The 5 minutes ride felt so long, with my penis keep twitching at every move he makes. I tried so hard not to give in to temptation and fuck him right there. The taxi driver has acted as if we’re not there.

When we finally paid and get out of the taxi, I dragged him to the lift, punching 15 as we go and take his lips in another french kiss. I can finally touch his body, he moaned between our kisses, and grind his body to mine. The lift chimed and the door slides open. Still kissing him, we stumbled out of the lift and searching blindly to my front door.

When I finally found it, I pushed him to the wall beside the door, my hand digging my pocket, searching for the key. I still keep his lips locked to mine, while I’m fumbling to unlock the door. When it finally unlocked, I pull him off the wall and practically lift him when I moved our bodies inside.

He gasped for air when we finally let go of each other lips. I latched my lips to his neck, my hands roaming under his shirt, this time pinching his nipples, earning a surprised gasped and a pull of my hair. “Ah, fuck,” he moaned. I feel my penis twitch at each moan.
I lifted his shirt off of him and rewarded with a caramel coloured skin. His nipples perked at the care I’ve been giving. I suck at his collarbone, marking him as I go along. I can feel his hands roaming my back. His tugged at my shirt trying to pull it off, when I’m still busy tasting his neck. “Jerk, take off your shirt,” he panted. I looked up at him, “So impatient,” I breathed, before pulling slightly away to allow him to pull my shirt off.

“Said the guy who latch onto me while opening the door,” He sneered, cupping my face with his hands and kissed me mercilessly. I kissed him back, dominating the kiss, eliciting groans from his throat. I lifted him off the floor, and he circle his legs on my hip. Slowly rolling his hip to mine and we’re both groans to our kiss. I stumbled to find my way to the bedroom. When I finally found the bed, I threw him disgracefully. “Ouch, that’s so nice of you,” he glared at me, while trying to get into a sitting position.

I don’t buy that though. I quickly unlatched his belt and in one quick motion I pulled his jeans off, leaving him in his boxer.

Shit. He’s so damn gorgeous. Caramel skin all over. “So impatient,” he tsk-ed. “Damn, what good deed did I do today to find you,” I said, kissing the skin between his thigh. I can see that his boxer is already damp. He moaned with every kisses and touches. I feel his hands threading between my hair. Slowly clenching and unclenching at every sensation.

“Do you want me to take this off?” I tugged at his boxer elastic band. He bucked his hip. “Don’t tease,” he whined. I chuckled. To be honest, I don’t think I can hold on any longer, so I complied to his wishes. I pulled his boxer down and his manhood stands up at attention. Precum dripping from its tip. I licked my lips. I grabbed his penis, and stroked it up and down. He bit his lips, feeling the pleasure built up. “I see that you’re a natural blond,” I said, biting the base of penis lightly.

“Don’t talk,” he said grabbing my head. I chuckled, sending another jolt of pleasure towards his body. I’m still stroking his penis, when I quickly move my attention to his opening. Giving it a tentative lick, he groans. I prodded the hole with my tongue, trying to relax it in preparation to take something bigger.

“Ugh, more.” He groans. A finger slides in easily. Suddenly, I feel jealousy ripping in my chest. I thrust my finger into his opening. “Did he touch you?” I asked, while slipping in another finger inside him. He let out a pleasurable moan, too preoccupied to answer my question.

I don’t understand why it bothers me so much. They are boyfriends anyway. They must have had sex. But seeing him writhing underneath me and thinking that another guy has just done the same thing (maybe in less than 24 hours ago) is just making me mad.

I stopped all movement. He opened his eyes, surprised by my lack of activity. “What the hell?” He propped himself on his arm, looking confused.

“So, did he touch you?” I repeated my question, and his jaw fell. “Are you seriously asking me that now?” He asked in disbelief. I take my hands off of him and cross my arms in front of my chest.

“He is my boyfriend! Of course he did!” he gave an exasperated sigh. He glanced at me and checking the still obvious bulge between my legs. “If it will make you happier,” He poke my groin using his feet, giving it a firm massage. I hold back a moan, “He never have got the chance to put it in, though,” He said touching his behind, putting two fingers inside and crawled towards me. “So, I am currently looking forward to have this inside me,” He nuzzled my clothed hard on, giving it a kiss before moaning when he thrust himself onto his fingers.

I growled, pulling his fingers out and replacing it with three of my long fingers. He arched his back, crouching down between my legs with his butt in the air. “Ugh, so good,” he groaned, fumbling with my belt, and pulled my penis out. “Fuck. You’re huge!” he gave it a long stroke, looking up at me with flushed cheek. “I want to taste it so bad,” he said, licking his lips and then gulping my head without warning. I moaned, gripping his hair with my other hand. His mouth is so warm. I’m trying so hard not to come by the sudden pleasure.

He sucks the head deeply, gulping down the precum before lapping and kissing the length. “Mm, you taste so good,” he said, licking and sucking the base of my cock greedily. I moaned at the sight. He hollowed his mouth and moving my penis in and out of his mouth. He wiggled his butt, trying to get me moving since I stopped to watch him blow me.

I moved my fingers in and out of him again. Searching for his sweet spot. He kept moaning to my penis, giving an unbearable vibration that makes it so hard to keep my control in check. I crooked my fingers up, and he let my penis go, twisting beneath me and letting out a sexy groan. He clutched the sheet desperately when I abused that spot for a while.

“Stop,” he said, holding my hands down. “Put it in,” He pumped my cock, positioning himself on the bed. I climb up the bed on top of him, kissing his neck, leaving kiss marks as I go.

He groaned. “Hurry,” he bucked his hip earning a groan from me. “So impatient,” I grinned down to him, while he gives me scowl.

“I knew you’re tease since the first time I saw your smirk,” he said, “And I still wonder why I accept your invitation,” He peck my lips gently, his eyes shines so brightly in the dim room. I feel my heart racing, my chest clench painfully and I capture his lips in a deep kiss. He sighed contently, wrapping his arm on my shoulder. He’s such a good kisser. I feel my manhood twitch in pleasure, and I can’t hold it anymore, without warning, I push inside him in one hard push.

He gasped and broke our kiss. I feel his claw on my shoulder, I can feel the sting of the skin breaking. “You, jerk!” He panted. His inside is clenching me tightly, I try so hard not to burst right then and there. I still managed to give him a smirk, though. “Relax, love. Or I’ll burst in a second,” I said stroking his whiskered cheek with my thumb.
But, I knew he won’t listen. He clenched his inside, I can feel it getting tighter. I gritted my teeth. He was wriggling under me, deliberately moving his hip while clenching and unclenching his tight asshole. He moaned under me. “Mmm, you’re not the only one who can be an asshole,” he whispered, licking my earlobe. I groaned. “I feel so full inside. Are you not going to move, LOVE?” he bucked his hip up, his eyes shone with mischieves.

“You wish,” and I started thrusting my penis in and out of him. He closed his eyes, moaning under me, feeling all the pleasure shot up his body. I watched the way he writhes under me. His body covered in sweat and kiss mark. His chest heaving up and down, along with the moan he elicits every time I hit his sweet spot. I can feel the knots in my groin tighten up. His moans getting out of control, he twists his body, and I feel the urge to hear my name out of his lips.

“Sasuke,” I panted in his ear. He opened his eyes and his blue eyes looking up at me, “Call my name. Sasuke.” I said again, he smiled and in a low whisper he said, “Sasuke.” I smiled into his shoulder, thrusting even harder, abusing his sweet spot.

“Ah, Sasuke!” he said louder. I love the way my name rolls in his voice. “Nggh, I can’t hold it anymore,” he said, wrapping his legs around me. My thrust gets sloppier when I feel the building pleasure getting unbearable. My name falls from his lips like a chanting and it’s not helping with my self-control. “It’s coming, Sasuke,” he whispered in my ear.

Fuck. I thrusted my hip wildly, and with a cry of my name, he come on his stomach. I followed soon after, can’t withstand the pulsing and the pleasure I watched passing through him. I thrust my hip shallowly, releasing the unbearable pleasure into him. I lean against my elbow, watching him under me, his eyes flutter slowly. I can see the fatigue catching up behind his lashes. He gives me a smile; the most beautiful smile I’ve seen tonight. He pulled me into his embrace, his heartbeat slowing down, his breath ghosting over the top of my hair, “I’m so glad I met you,” he whispers. I feel his hand stroking my back and I can feel sleep creeping up my mind. Before darkness took over me, I whisper back, “Me too,”

I woke up feeling the sun glaring to my face. God damnit. I was never good with morning, let alone with the sun this bright hitting my face. Why the heck I didn’t close the curtain last night?

Last night?

I opened my eyes, and immediately regretted it. I groaned. The curtain is pulled over, so the sun has no problem shining its overly bright light to my eyes. I definitely didn’t open it last night so it must be the guy. The guy who’s currently missing from my side.

“Fuck,” I curse. He was not in the bed. I looked around the room. My clothes are folded neatly at the end of the bed. I sat quietly, leaning against my bedpost, listening to any sound that might tell me that he was still in the apartment. But there isn’t any.

I shuffle my hair, frustrated. He’s gone. I don’t even know his name. Fuck. How can you be so stupid, Uchiha?

It’s been a month since the night I met the blond guy. I keep coming to the club, hoping to see him around. But he’s not there.

I drown myself in my work, hoping to forget the way he smiled at me and how comfortable his stroke on my back feel. My friends keep bugging me about why I’m so grumpy lately (grumpier than usual), which makes me even grumpier.

I am home tonight, lazing on the couch, reading some report that I brought home. Declined my brother invitation to hang out at the new club downtown. After spending every week out there looking for him, I’m feeling tired and decide to just sleep tonight. This is the first time I’m so hung up with a one-night stand. I was hoping it won’t be a one-night stand. But, I guess I expect too much for a guy with a boyfriend.

I was marking for mistakes my subordinate made (which I’ll make sure they won’t dare to make again), when the doorbell rings. I scowled. I know this would have happened. Itachi just doesn’t know when to give up. The bell keeps ringing. I threw the report to the coffee table.

I opened the door, “For Christ sake, Itachi. I told you I don’t want to ---” I gaped at who was standing in front of my door.

“I almost thought I ring the wrong apartment,” he said smiling sheepishly.

“What the hell are you doing here?” I asked shocked, never thought that the place where I will see him again is my front door. He rolls his eyes.

“Well, obviously I want to meet you,” he said crossing his arms. “I kinda thought that you won’t be able to have sex with anyone anymore after you’ve taste me,” My jaw dropped. “So, I was waiting for your call, but you didn’t call at all. And I decided that I should drop by your apartment to check whether you already found someone new or not, but my job gets hectic and I can’t find the time to go until now,”

I look at him like he grew a second head, “How am I supposed to call you when you don’t even give me your number? I don’t even know your name!” I crossed my arms following his lead and he gave an exasperated cry. “I did give you my number!”

“Huh?! You don’t!” I said. “I spent every week going to that club hoping I can see you around! If I have your number, I wouldn’t have to do that!”

“But, I do leave my number,” he cried back, he pushed me into the apartment. He winds himself to the kitchen and took a piece of paper from between the fake fruit bowl.
“I leave this!” he waves the paper in front of my face. There written his name, Naruto Uzumaki, with his phone number. He even adds an “xoxo”.

“Idiot,” I said, feeling my head pulse painfully.

“What?” He glares at me. His face is getting red with anger. Well, we’re both idiot.

“I don’t even enter the kitchen, dobe,” I said, pinching the bridge of my nose.

“What?! Don’t call me that, teme!” he pout his lips. He’s still as adorable as ever. “How come you don’t enter the kitchen? Don’t you cook? Don’t you even take anything from the fridge? Don’t you even clean?”

“Nope, nope, nope. I mostly eat out. The fridge is close to the door; I don’t need to get inside. I have cleaning maid; they leave before I got home from work. So yeah, dobe. I didn’t find your note,”

He gives another exasperated cry. “Why the hell do you have this amazing kitchen then? You should use it, so you can find my note!”

“Yeah? So who’s the idiot who left note in the kitchen instead of the bedside table? It’s easier to find,” I said taking a step towards him.

“Don’t call me idiot, jerk!” he snapped, “There was no paper in your room! I was lucky to find a receipt to write on,”

“Well, you can go back to my room and put it on the bedside table, right?” I took another step towards him

“I’m already late for work, asshole. Moreover,” he blushed. I took another step.

“Moreover what?” I whispered to him, the gap between us is only a foot away. I can see his face flushing red. “What?” I trapped him with my body and the kitchen counter. He smells nice. I feel his body heat seeped through our clothes and the space between us. I can hear my heartbeat getting faster, I feel the pull to get closer to him.

He looked up and surprised me with his clear blue eyes. “Moreover, if I go back to your room, I might not want to leave,” he whispered. I feel the butterflies in my stomach flutter happily. I can see every lashes on his eyes, I caress his cheek and he close his eyes focusing on my touch.

“Do you break up with your boyfriend?” I asked casually. He opened his eyes and looking a bit disapproving.

“Why do you always have to ask about him in such timing?” He crossed his arm and pout his lips again.

“Why. Well, I’m a pretty possessive guy, so of course I need to ask about another guy who might possibly touch you,”

“Haha, I don’t doubt that.” He rolled his eyes. “With that heated grinding we did on the dance floor and ALL those KISS MARKS on my body, of course I broke up with him. Satisfied?” He crossed his arms looking to my response.

I smiled. “Very,” I said capturing his lips in a deep kiss. He kisses me back. I groaned at the sweetness of finally tasting him again. He followed my lips when I let go of his lips. I touch his soft lips; he closes his eyes again when I caress every whisker marks on his cheek.

I smirked when an idea popped up in my mind. “Do you want to know why I have this amazing kitchen?” I asked. He opened his eyes and looking confused. How can this person be cute and sexy at the same time?

I closed the gap between us, pull him up the kitchen counter and slowly rolling my hip to his. He gasped. “You pervert!” he glared. I smirked, licking his lips between his gasp.

“I am not denying that. But, you love this pervert.” I said sucking on his neck. He moaned, allowing me to leave another mark on his neck, before cupping my face and made me look up to him. His dazzling blue eyes capture me, and he said “I am not denying that.” I smiled and I kissed him again. I am so glad to meet him.

There you go~
Please pardon my perverted mind and awful grammar.

Thank you for reading. Love you, guys <3
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