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Finally done! My first Sakuraiba fic. Please be kind on me. Yoroshiku :))

Title: You Idiot!

Pairing: Sakurai Sho x Aiba Masaki

Rate: NC-17

Genre: Romance, Angst

Disclaimer: Not mine~

Summary: My heart feels like it’s going to explode if I didn’t run. I don’t want him to know. It’s not like he’s going to know. He maybe doesn’t even know that I’m existed.

I closed the door behind my back. I sighed. Today is just tiring. I hate Monday. Monday means having classes since early morning until this late at night. It felt like my head is going to explode if I keep doing it. I’m not smart enough to begin with, and Economics classes are a living hell. I wonder why I choose Economics in the first place. I threw my bag to the chair and jump to the bed. I lay there, staring at the ceiling. Ah, yes, that guy. I close my eyes. His face is flooding my vision within a second.

It was my first year in high school. I saw him in the train on our first day of school. It was the first time I saw him. It was the first time I’ve ever felt my heart goes that wild. At first, I never thought that it has something to do with him. But it went on every time I saw him. My heart feels like it’s going to explode if I didn’t run. I don’t want him to know. It’s not like he’s going to know. He maybe doesn’t even know that I’m exist. I was nowhere near him.

I sighed. I got up from my bed. I took my bento container from the table. For a while, I stared at it. I have two bento containers. Yeah, I have two. It was started on my second year of high school. I got a detention after pranking one of the teachers. Well, I’m not a good kid either. I got to help in the school cafeteria. And at that faithful day, the cook told me to make some pasta because he’s running out of time. He scolded me when I said I couldn’t cook. He said it was non sense since I am a son of a chef. Please, that doesn’t mean I’m good at cooking. But still, I was forced to do it, I’m too afraid of his cleaver. Well, that day the detention is over. It’s not the main point though.

The next day, when I took my lunch, the cook suddenly said some ridiculous thing to me. “Hey, Aiba-chan, you said you couldn’t cook, but looks like you got a fan of your pasta,”  he said as I added a chicken wing to my tray.

“Ah, sure, my dad is a chef after all,” I said in sarcasm.

“But to think that the student council president like the food that made by an amateur like you is a bit unexpected, don’t you think? It’s not in his image,” I froze after hearing what he said.

“The student council president?” I asked slowly.

“Yup, he was so happy yesterday and he is asking for your pasta again today, “ he said looking at a direction where he is eating his lunch. I turned to look at his direction, he was there, eating his apple.

“Well,” I said, trying not to shake from all the butterflies that bursting in my stomach, “I guess I’m good,” I forced myself not to run to his table and give him a hard squeeze, so instead I ran to the rooftop and jumped around until the lunch time finished. That day, I was starving until I get home.

I smiled. The cook told me that he asked for my pasta in every lunch time. He didn’t approve pasta that the cook’s made. He said the taste is different, and he wanted the pasta I made. One day, the cook got so annoyed by his complaints. He told me to make the pasta again. I struggled with myself for a while until I too got annoyed by the cook’s complaints.

“Fine, I’ll make it!” I said finally, “Just don’t tell him that I was the one who made it, he will be disappointed to see the one who made his pasta is a man.” I said the last part of my sentence quietly.

That’s how it started. I make two bentos every day. It’s now not limited in pasta only, I’ve discovered that he loves Italian food. I always tried to make a new kind of Italian food that he would love. Thanks to him, I’m a great cook now. Since our school is that one kind that goes from preliminary school to university, it’s easy for me to left the bento in the high school section cafeteria, and he would eat in the high school cafeteria even though he is a university student now. Yes, I know that him liking my food was my chance to get close to him, but I just don’t have the courage to let him know. And thankfully, the cook kept it a secret as well.

I washed the container thoroughly, I scanned the outside building across my window. The light was on. He was home. I sighed again. Didn’t I look like a stalker? Well, it was actually an accident, a real accident. I never thought that my apartment would be across his apartment. I just realized it was his apartment when I washed the bento container just like today. He was there on his balcony, staring out at the sky. He really does have that image. That time, I quickly closed my window and just peeking behind the curtains. It shocked me. Really. I couldn’t sleep until morning comes that day.

I finished washing the bento containers. I stand there looking at his room. I wonder what he was doing tonight. I just could imagine he was studying his ass off. I laughed. He was always the best student in high school, and he is now in university. Completely the opposite of me. I was struggling just to stay where I am now.

I saw a shade of a person in his room. From the slopping shoulder, I can see it was him. He was standing there, his hand on his hips, and his other hand was scratching his hair. It looks like he was not alone, I thought as another person shadow entering the window frames. The silhouette is shorter than him, but slender. Long hair. I ignored the pain in my chest as I continue watching. Maybe it was his friend, it’s just his looks is a bit slender. There are many men who have long hair these days.

The door to the balcony opened, he strolled outside quickly and the following person making me closed my window harshly. I push my chest, right where my heart are, hard. The pain is unbearable. I breathed slowly. I’m trying to ease the pain as I feel the breath in my lungs slowly returning. I leaned on the kitchen counter, still holding my chest with one of my hands. Something dripped on my hand, I brought my hand up, and I wipe my cheeks slowly. Without me realizing, my tears streamed down. I cried my heart out until sleep took over me.


I woke up feeling dizzy. Then, nausea followed, I ran to the sink, throwing up. I coughed and washed my mouth. My reflection on the mirror is awful. My hair is messy, going to all direction. My eyes are swollen, my face is pale. Damn, I look like a sick kid. I feel sick.

I walked slowly to the kitchen, opening the refrigerator. My hand’s reaching for some mincemeat before it stopped midway. Yesterday event flooded my mind, I clenched my hand then closed the refrigerator slowly after taking the orange juice can.

I sat on the chair, drinking slowly. I shouldn’t be surprised if he has a girlfriend already. He is not some nerds who lock himself in the library every day. He is popular among girls. Every girl in my classes squeals every time he walked outside our class. So, why does it hurt like hell when I see that girl in his room? I set my head over my left hand, staring at the orange juice can at the table.

Since the beginning, I know this is just a one-sided love. I’ve fallen for him ever since the first time I saw him. He is a brilliant star. Glowing, so beautiful, excellent in every way, yet so far, if I get too close, I will be burned. On the contrary, he doesn’t even know that I exist.

I drank all the juice then throw the can to the trash bin. I need to get out. Being locked up in this room is just making me depressed.


Didn’t I say I’m going to get out as to not make myself depressed? So, why did I go to this café, when the very object of my depression is sitting just a few tables away from me? I wrap the muffler around my face, drag my hat a bit lower. I really do look like a stalker now.

I glanced to my right. He is there, reading his newspaper, it’s so like him. He has a scarf wrapped around his neck. He sipped his coffee before flipping to the next page. He looked up from his reading as I quickly turned my look to the busy street in front of me. My hands are shaking. Damn it. I sipped the last bit of my coffee before I called the waiter to bring me one more cup.

I didn’t think I’d be this nervous when he is so close to me. My heart pounded so hard that I’m afraid he might hear it. I stole a glance at him. He is still there, so into the news. The waiter came and gave me another cup of coffee.  I quickly sipped it and it burned my tongue.

“Ah, hot,” I mumbled as I drop the cup to the table. Damn, I’m messed up. I took the cup slowly and blow on it for a while before sipping it. I learned my lesson.

“Sho-chan!” I turned my head quickly as I heard someone called his name. And again I feel my heart clenched so painfully. No, I never learn my lesson, I never learn that loving him would only hurt me. There is that girl from yesterday, I’m sure about it, she hugs him from behind as she smile cheerfully, talking animatedly to him about something funny. He laughs. His usual happy laugh as I love to hear. I can feel my breath shortened as it was leaving my lungs.

He reached her and held her face, he looks so happy. Dizziness comes back as I took another breath. He stand up and hold her hand, no, they’re going. I’m trying to stand up. I see the blurry image of his back getting further away. Don’t go. I took a step forward. Don’t leave me. I can’t feel my feet. Let me reach you. And everything goes dark.


I feel terrible. I can tell as my consciousness is slowly getting back. I feel like throwing up. I open my eyes and see the white ceiling over me. Err, white? If I remember correctly, my room ceiling is brown wood. Where am I?

“Ah, you’re awake,” I turned my eyes to the one who speaks beside me. That girl. I quickly sat up and nausea took over me. I throw up all over the floor, or so I think.

“That was close,” she said as she holds up a basin under my chin. She gave me a small towel to wipe my mouth. ”I’m sorry,” I said slowly. My voice is hoarse.

“It’s okay,” she smiled as she hand over a glass of water to me. I drink a bit of it. “So, who are you?” she asked looking at me with a concerned eyes.

“Ah, I’m sorry, my name is Aiba Masaki. I’m sorry I have troubled you. This is hospital, right?” I said slowly. She nodded.

“My name is Mai. So, Masaki nii-san, what are you to Sho-chan?” she asked as she stare at me with a piercing look. What a straight forwarded girl, she called me by my name already. I fidgeted. Damn, this is the worst, to be caught red handed as a stalker.

“We’re in the same college, but, I don’t think he knows me,” I said turning away from her.

“No way!” She said as she stand up, startling me.  Seeing her closely, I never thought that his type is this high schooler girl. I never knew anything about his private life in the first place. I ignore the pain in my chest.

“He even cancelled all of our promise just to take you to the hospital and waiting until you’re awake, there is no way he doesn’t know you,” she said, moving her hands up and down. Animatedly talking. She is cute, so it possible that he falls for her. Wait, she said what?

“He is here?” I asked slowly.

“Of course he is here, if he is not, why would I be here waiting for you to gain your consciousness?” She said crossing her arms over her chest. “Seriously, who are you to him? Are you his lover?”

“What? No!” I said quickly as I feel my face heating up. “You’re misunderstood. I’m not his lover, we don’t even have talked before, there is no way he would like me, I’m a guy after all,” I said motioning a frantic movement. She sat on her chair and looked closely to my face.

“You’ve never talked at each other before?” I nodded. She leaned to my face, and said, “That’s strange, he seems to know you a lot,” she said holding her chin up and crossing her legs.

“When you faint in the café, he almost screamed like a little girl,” she said rolling her eyes. “He insisted that we have to wait until you’re awake. Ah, my ice cream, he promise me an ice cream today, and yet we’re stuck here,”

“I’m sorry,” I said guiltily. I really don’t know whether I should be happy or not. He knows me. “I really didn’t mean to cause you trouble. I never thought I would faint in the café.”

“Nah, it’s okay,” she said waving her hands. “It’s not like ice cream is more important. When someone faint in front of you, you can’t expect me to enjoy my ice cream, right?” she laughed. I smiled. She’s a nice girl. “By the way, Sho-chan is meeting the doctor right now, we don’t know why you suddenly collapse, he’ll be back soon. He stands by your side since you got here.” Again, she rolled her eyes. My heart skips a beat. But it died as soon as it started. I’m with his girlfriend now, nothing to be excited about. I feel another tore in my heart.

The door opened and someone so familiar yet so distance, came in and close the door slowly. He looked a bit relieved when he saw me. That expression quickly replaced by another emotion though. Rage. I shivered. He’s mad. He strolled to my bed side, he stands near my feet.

“Are you an idiot?” he said harshly. I stunned. What? “I said, “Are you an idiot?” he repeated what he said in a more pressured tone. I saw that he’s trying his best not to scream at me. “Who would stupidly drink that many cups of coffee when he doesn’t even eat a single thing since yesterday?”

“What? I..” I said slowly before he cut me out. “You got gastritis! I thought you are a good cook, yet you can’t even take care of your food!” He raised his voice in frustration.

“Sho-chan, calm down, it is hospital,” Mai holding his hand to calm him down before he explodes another rage towards me. Seeing them like that only make the pain in my chest harder to bear. I’m trying to hold my tears back.
“I’m sorry, I really didn’t mean to be ungrateful,” I said slowly. “I’m glad you took care of me and take me to hospital,”

“It was not the case! You should take care of yourself since you live alone here! What if you didn’t collapse in the café but alone in your room? You could die!” he said shaking my bed in anger.

“Sho-chan..” Mai took his hand away from the bed. “Control yourself,”

“Why? He should know! He makes people worried! What if he died alone in his room without anyone knowing?”  He said to Mai emotionally.

“Then, just let me die!” I said hoarsely. I can’t hold my tears anymore. “Why should you care? You don’t even know me!” I  yelled at him in anger. “Thank you, really, for taking me here, I’m grateful,” I said, throwing the bed cover and trying my best to stand up straight, ignoring the pain I feel. In my body, in my heart.

“Masaki nii-san, where are you going?” Mai approached me with worried eyes as I stumbled upon my feet. I tried to smile at her. “Thank you, Mai-san, for taking care of me, I’m sorry I have troubled you,” I looked at his stunned face.

“Sakurai-san, I’m sorry I have troubled you, you don’t need to worry about me, I can take care of myself,” I said before I turned to the door. “I’m sorry, I disrupted your date,” I walked pass the door quickly ignoring Mai’s call before they could see my tears streamed down my face.


I really don’t understand how I managed to get home with a sick stomach and a broken heart. I sit on the edge of the bed, wiping my mouth with a wet towel. I just throw some of my stomach contents to the toilet. If only there’s something left in there. I forgot to take my prescription, and it’s too painful to go back and see him again in the hospital.

I lay down on my pillow as I reach for my phone. When I was a kid, my mom would always take care of me when I fall ill. I miss my mother. But if I told her, she would be a worry wrath and took the time to come all the way here just to take care of me. If only she was here. I scrolled down the contact list in my phone and find the name I was searching for. I cover my body with the blanket as I’m waiting for the other person to pick up.

“Yo, Masaki, what’s up?” I heard on the other side the sound of violent battle game when the other person spoke. I coughed.

“Hi, Nino. Do you have classes today?” He didn’t reply for a while as he concentrates on his battle. I just could imagine he’s been doing it for the whole day.

“Un, yeah, in a few minutes,” he said absent mindedly.

“Can I ask you a favor?”

“Yeah, go on,”

“Please tell Ohno-kun that I can’t go to class today, I got gastritis,” I said slowly. The sound of the battle stopped.

“You’re sick? Are you okay? Have you gone to the doctor?” He asked in a worried voice.

“It’s okay, I’m fine – don’t tell my mother—“  I said quickly before he could say anything. “I have gone to the doctor, don’t worry, just tell Ohno-kun,”

“Are you really okay? Do you need something? I’ll come over before class if you need anything,” he said in a concerned voice. I smiled. Having a childhood friend like him is awesome. Even though he is a game freak, he is so considerate to others.

“It’s okay, I just can guess you’re already late,” I said as I’m peeking on the clock in the bedside.

“Wha—no, I’m n—Uwaah. This is bad, I’m late,” I could hear the sound of him throwing things that he need for his class. “Is there anything else you want me to say to Ohno-kun?” he asked.

“No, it’s just that.” I said as I tried not to laugh as I heard he grumbled about hitting something. And it’s even more amusing when he curse as his doorbell rang.

“Ugh, seriously, these people just don’t know when to give up,” He grumbled. “Okay, Masaki, I’ll hang up,”

“Yeah, take care there,” I said as I cut the phone line. I sighed. Nino is my childhood friend. He took game designing as a major in university. I understand since I’ve known for a long time his addict to game. He is like a brother to me. A family when I miss my family back in hometown.

My stomach grumbled. I sighed. I just can’t eat anything. It will just come out as soon as I swallowed it. I curled up under my blanket. Maybe I’ll die alone in my room. Just like what he said. I know how rude I’ve been in the hospital. He was so kindly taking me there and waiting for me to wake up even though he has a date with Mai. Tears fall from my eyes to the pillow below my face. Jealousy took over me so much. The pain is unbearable. I curled deeper as the pain in my chest and stomach tightened.

The first encounter with him, talking to him, and I’m leaving a bad impression in his eyes. He surely hates me now. I sob to my pillow. It’s so painful.  I don’t understand how come I love him this much when we don’t even talk. But every time I remember the way he laughs that much around Mai just cut my bleeding heart deeper. I want to be the one beside him. The one who he wants to meet just to eat an ice cream. I want to hug his slopping shoulder from behind and talking about something that will make him happy and laughs just the way he did back then. But I am just me. Someone who doesn’t even existed in his life before our encounter today. I cried harder. I stopped as a stupid thought crossed my mind.

I get up and sit on the bed, looking at the bedside table where a small knife lay there innocently. Yes, with that small thing, and a little pain, all this terrible feeling will go away. I wouldn’t feel the nausea and throwing up everything inside my stomach. I wouldn’t feel the pain in my chest when I saw him with his girlfriend. I won’t be feeling this painful one-sided love. I reached out for the knife and looking at it closely. Yes, with a little slice, a little pain, it will be over. I touched my left wrist with the knife. I feel the cold metal against my warm skin. I sighed. I press the metal a bit harder and feel the little sting as it breaks my skin.

But, the sound of the ringing doorbell surprised me. The knife fell from my hand and my mind goes back to the reality. My mother face floods my mind. Then my father’s, my brother’s, Nino’s face, my team mates in baseball. I fall down to the floor. Crying so hard that it may even break my vocal chords. I’m so stupid. I’m an  idiot. So stupid that I forget having everyone who cares for me.

The doorbell keeps ringing followed by a banging in the door. I didn’t stop crying. Whoever at the door could wait. But the banging keeps going frantically, followed a worried voice.

“Aiba-san? Are you there? Are you okay? Could you open the door? Aiba-san? Aiba-san?” The voice called my name over and over again. I ignore it. If it’s Nino or my family, they would come in without banging the door. I laid on the floor sobbing. Feeling even more terrible than I was.

“Aiba-san? Seriously, open the door if you’re there,” I could hear the other person kicking the door in anger. But still, I ignore him. “Don’t you dare saying I’m not well-mannered, I’m coming in!” I heard him shout as the door unlocked and someone’s barging in to my room. My eyes bulging as I saw who it is.

“Sa—Sakurai-san,” I said trying to get up quickly before nausea took over me, and I ran to the sink. He quickly helped me, as he soothing me when he stroking my back up and down.

“Are you okay?” he asked worriedly. “I thought something happen to you when I heard you cried out,” he said, helping me to stand up. “Did it so painful? Should we go to the hospital again?”

I coughed as I took the wet towel beside the sink and wipe my mouth. “W—What are you doing here? How could you get in here?” I asked as he trying to help me to get in the bed.

“It doesn’t matter now. You forgot you prescription, I brought the medicine with me. First, you have to take this medicine, I’ve also brought some food so you can eat.” He said continuously without responding to any of my question. Seeing his stern look, I just couldn’t bring myself to ask anything else. I drink the medicine and eat the porridge he brought with him. I’m glad that the medicine is working and none of the porridge being thrown.

“Looks like the medicine is working,” he said as I finished my food. “How are you feeling? Is the nausea still there?” he asked concerned.

“Yeah, a bit,” I said as I drink another medicine he gave me.

“Stay on the bed, get some sleep,” he said as he took the plate and glass to the sink, but he stopped. He bowed and took something from the floor. He stands there for a while before turning to me and stares at me with an unreadable emotion. He put the plate and glass on my bedside and sat beside my bed. Something clicked in my mind and I quickly hid my left arm below the blanket.

“Let’s say this is just my speculation,” he said slowly. He is mad. “What is this?” he asked as he let me take a look at the knife that almost took my life just now. I gulped.

“Y—you called me an idiot, yet you didn’t know it’s a knife,” I said stuttering. He glared at me as he suddenly took both of my arms. “W—What are you doing?” I said as I struggle to release my arms. He tightens his hold on my wrist. “Ouch!” I cried as he squeezed my injured wrist. He stopped and pulled my wrist harsher. I couldn’t read the expression in his face as he saw the long red marks across my wrist.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” He said slowly, dangerously. I hold my breath. Trying not to wince from the pressure he put on my wrist. He looked up. And the look in his face pains my heart as well.

“I..” I choked on my words, feeling the tears that swell in my eyes.

“I thought you’re happy, I thought that brilliant smile of yours was your true colors. What kind of pain did you hide from me?” He said in painful tone. I feel the pain that showed in face even more painful.

“I’m sorry,” he said slowly. “I was stupid. You are stupid. A seriously idiot person.” He took a deep breath. “Don’t you think about the people you’ll leave behind?” He looked at me with a piercing eye. “Your mother will be crying day and night, your father will be heartbroken to lose a son he’s proud of, your brother will lose his beloved brother, your friends will lose someone who will light up their day with his smile,” He said the words one by one, slowly, each word give a deep painful tug in my heart.

“I lose my faith in you,” he said. I looked up to him. The pieces of my broken heart being scattered all over again. I feel the tears in my eyes streamed down my face. I try to pull my hands away from his grip. But he grabs it tighter.

 “I couldn’t let you go anymore.” That stills me. I looked at him with confused eyes. “I don’t want to lose you. Only God knows what will happen if I didn’t come just now.” My heart’s beating so hard when I heard those words. I feel the soft touch in my left wrist.

“Sakurai-san!” I cried, startled as he kiss my injured wrist. “W—What are you doing?” I said as I tried to pull my hands away. He pulled my hands back to him harshly until I bumped in to his hard body. He held me in his arms.

“I told you, I couldn’t let you go anymore,” he whispered against my lips. I feel my heart beating so fast. My face heating up. He has a great eyes, the way it pulls me in is just amazing. I shake my head.

“No! What are you talking about?” I said as I struggle to get out from his embrace. He tightens his hold. “You got a girlfriend already, so quit it!” I shouted and that stopped him. He stared at me with confused look.

“Girlfriend? What girlfriend?”

“Don’t play dumb! I saw you with her yesterday in your room. And in the hospital she said I disrupt your date!” I finally able to freed myself from his embrace during his dumbness. “So, quit it,” I said softly without hiding the pain I feel in my heart. He finally awake from his dumbness when he spoke, “Do you mean Mai?” he asked. I turned my face towards the wall.

“Don’t tell me, you’re here, sick and almost killed yourself because of Mai?” he asked in a harsh tone. I didn’t answer. “You know, I really don’t know whether I should punch you for being so stupid,” he said in a desperate voice. I wipe the tears in my face as I felt the bed moving as a new weight get over it. “Or kiss you because I’m so happy that you’re jealous,”

I turned my head quickly almost making it snaps in the process. I looked at his eyes. I couldn’t understand the emotions that swirl around his eyes. Anger, disappointment, regret, longing, love? I don’t want to hope so much.

“If only I’m brave enough to talk to you when you make lunch for me every day, nothing of these things will happen to you,” he said slowly as he held my hand.

“Y—You knew?” I choked.

“Why, of course I knew. I’m not stupid like you,” He said, scolding me. I pout. “Don’t pout! You ARE stupid, Mai is my sister, yet, you’re jealous at her and almost killed yourself. Isn’t it stupid?”

“Mai  is your sister?” I said in disbelieved.

“Well, yes, you idiot,” he said in a mocking tone. Now I feel stupid. So stupid. To think that I almost killed myself just because of jealousy is stupid enough. Moreover, to know that the one I get jealous at is his sister is even more stupid. Yes, I could die from embarrassment now. I could feel my face heating up. I pull myself away from him and hid under the blanket.

“Oh, no, I’m so embarrassed now,” I said as I curled deeper under the blanket. “Please, leave me alone, I couldn’t face you now,”

“WHAT? NO! You must be kidding me!” I could feel he’s tugging the blanket around me. “We finally talked after all those years and now you told me to leave? NO WAY!” He tugs my blanket harshly and throws the blanket to the floor. I palmed my face embarrassed.

“No, don’t hide your face,” He said tugging my hands away. “It’s okay to be jealous, just don’t—I beg you—just don’t do that kind of things anymore,” he said in a painful tone.

“I’m sorry, I know, I’m stupid,” I said softly. “But, loving you since high school and to see you with another girl, I just don’t think that it would be this painful,”

“Since high school? Seriously?” he said in amused tone. Looks like I have to be ready to love a mocking bastard. “So, I have loved you longer?” he grinned.

“What? No way? How come you know me before high school?” He smirked. I don’t understand the process as to how he now on top of me holding my hands in either side of my head. His smirk sends chill down my spine.

“You know, I’ve set my eyes on you since the entrance examination.” He said as he looked at me with a predator eyes. I blushed. “So, how long it has been? Since junior high school?” again, he smirked. Damn, he’s sexy.

“S—Sakurai-san, isn’t this to fast?” I stuttered as I feel his breath upon my lips. He stopped.

“Well, I’ve known you enough, and you probably know me enough, I love you and you love me, I don’t have a lover, of course since you’re my first love, and you obviously love me too much to see another person to love, and I can’t wait to have you,” I blushed in each words he says. “Your face is bright red now, Aiba-san,” He laughed.

“No, I’m not!” I said as I tried to hide my face again if only he didn’t hold my hands.
“You’re so cute,” he said before he kissed me hard. I moaned. I could feel his lips against mine, so soft yet demanding so harshly. I moaned again and he slips his tongue inside my cavern. He licks every crack inside my mouth. His tongue forced my tongue to join in a battle that he easily wins.

I gasp as the need for air surfacing. He panted above me as I suck in air as much as I could. I gasped again as he attacked my neck, sucking in the pulse point, the place that I don’t even know that sensitive. “S—Sakurai-san, s—slow down—nngh—you can’t attack a sick person,” He stopped. I tried to catch my breath as he calmed himself down.

“Ah, I’m sorry,” he said, embarrassed. He moved himself from above me and sat on the edge of the bed. “It’s just having you in my arms just makes me want to embrace you,” he said, scratching his head. I can’t help but smiled at his attitude. Once, he can be aggressive, yet in an instant he becomes so shy. “I—uuh—I’ll use your toilet for a while,” He said groggily before dashing towards the bathroom.

I took a deep breath. I know what he is doing. Well, I have a hard on too. He is just too good at kissing. I moaned as the fabric of my sweat pants greased over the sensitive skin. I gathered up my courage. It’s okay, sooner or later we’re going to do it anyway. I exhaled before walking towards the bathroom door. “S—Sakurai-san, I’m coming in,” I said, and before he could reply, I barged in, and I saw him standing there half naked, hand on his manhood. Both of us blushed. He frantically tried to pull his jeans up. But I grabbed his pants and yank it down.

“W—What are you doing?” He said as he tried to push my hands. “You said I couldn’t attack a sick person, and now you attack me,”

“But, you’re not a sick person,” I said softly.

“Well, it’s true—but that’s not the point!” he said, and before he could say anything else, I grabbed his manhood and stroking it slowly. He moaned. “Damn it, why did you suddenly become this aggressive?”  I blushed.

“Well, I want to repay you,” I said, I don’t want to see my face right now, it must be as red as the tomato.

“If you want to repay me, do it properly,” he said before kissing me again. I moaned. I feel his hand roaming around my body before it sneaks inside my pants. He pulled away as he stroked my manhood. “I see that we have the same problem here,” I just moaned as I feel the friction of his rough hand against my sensitive skin. He sucked on my collarbone and move lower. Neither one of us stopped our hands movement. He sucked on one of my nipple and play with the other using his other hand. I moaned, I can’t feel my leg again.

“S—Sakurai-san—nngghh—“ I slumped down to the bathroom floor, followed by him on top of me. He moved between my legs and strokes our manhood together. I hold his body close, I buried my face on his shoulder as I feel the pleasant feeling race my spine, numbing my body.

I heard him scrounge around things above me without stopping his movement on our lower body. I could feel his chest heaved out, he puffed air as he tried to control himself. “This will do,” He said panting as he found the thing he’s looking for. “Are you okay?” he asked me kissing my eyelids softly. I nodded. “Can we do more?”

I breathed. I looked at his hesitant eyes and give him my most charming smile. “I love you, Sakurai-san,” I said as I hold his face in my hands and kiss him softly. He quickly kissed me back with much more vigor. “I love you too,” he said before popping opens a bottle of shampoo. “Just bear it for a while,” He said as he lubricated three of his fingers. “Relax,” I nodded as I feel his fingers poking my rear end. He keeps stroking my manhood and sucking my nipples. The pleasant feeling distracted me from the awkward feeling as he put the first finger in. As soon as he put the first finger, he put another digit in. I clenched my teeth, I heard him moan as I clenched my ass. It stirs something inside my stomach. I can feel both of our manhood twitching from the sensation.

He made a scissors motion inside me before he add the last finger. I grit my teeth. “Is it hurt? I’m sorry, bear it just for a little time,” he moved his fingers around. I watch his face as he winced in concentration, I can feel his tense muscle. He is holding himself back. I kissed his shoulder as he thrust his fingers inside me. I moaned continuously as he hit something inside me that blind my vision.

“Okay, enough, I can’t hold it anymore,” he said as he pulls his fingers out and instead stroking his angry red manhood that have been dripping with precum. Just by  looking at it, I feel like coming. “Are you ready? Are you okay?” he asked again, before entering me, he rubbed his penis outside my opening. I nodded. And that was the only sign before he thrust hard and striking my prostate dead on. I cried on by the pain and pleasure that shot through me.

“D—Don’t move.” I said as I scratch his back. I see his furrowed brow, wincing so hard trying to hold himself back. “You’re so tight, Aiba-san,” he said through gritted teeth.

“N—No, it’s you! You’re too big,” he laughs before thrusting in out of me. Ugh, I praised him. I can feel his hard penis moving in out, so hot, I feel like my inside is melting. It’s not long after he started moving frantically, hard and fast.

“S—Sakurai-san, s—slow down—nngh—God,” I screamed as he hit my pleasurable spot over and over again. I stroked my manhood as I feel the knot on my stomach tighten. “Damn, you’re so sexy,” he said as he flipped me and continue thrusting from behind. “Aaah—S—Sakurai-san,”

“Look at yourself, I could come just by seeing your face,” he said as he turn my face to the mirror. I can see the reflection in there. A messy hair, all damped from the sweat, eyes peering from a heavy lid, face all red with a swollen lips. I blushed even harder. I saw his face beside me. Smirking, with a pleasurable expression on his face every time he thrust in to me. I moaned. That smirk and his hard thrust is what making me come screaming his name. He is still thrusting his manhood inside me as I spasm my orgasm all over my hand. And soon after he followed, mumbling my name while he bit down on my shoulder.

We slumped down on the bathroom floor. Out of breath and satisfied. I feel him taking out his manhood, I moaned softly. “Are you okay?” he asked concerned as he hold me in his arms.

“Um, I’m okay,” I said tiredly.

“Let’s clean you up, and take you to the bed,” he said as he helped me move to the bath tub. I hug him and whisper, “I love you, Sakurai-san,” and I passed out.


I woke up in a hard yet warm and comfy bed. I snuggle closer as it gave off such a cozy feeling around it. The bed moved up and down, and I feel something tighten around my waist. I open my eyes and meet a muscular chest.

“Sleep now, you must be tired,” I looked up to the one who’s speaking.

“Sakurai-san?” I quickly sat up and instantly regret it. I feel my hips sore.

“Idiot, don’t move so much,” he said, pulling me in to his arms again, “I’m sorry, I’m a bit rough,” I blushed. Oh, yeah, we do it yesterday. “Let’s sleep, we have many things to do today,”

“What? Isn’t it our day off?” I asked sleepily.

“Umm, but I have a date with Aiba Masaki,” he replied tightening his arms around me. I blushed. He kissed my forehead and I feel the smile on his lips. This is how my dreams come true. Through my stupidity. Through my idiocy.


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